Progressives’ enabling of climate lies – and Iranian nukes

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From Yonoson Rosenblum, a contributor to Mishpacha Jewish Family Weekly:

Progressives at the Poker Table


Who else but a progressive could assert that trying to prevent Iran from acquire nuclear weapons is a “war of the 1%”?

A comparison of the progressive approach to the threat of climate warming and that of a nuclear-armed Iran offers interesting insights into the progressive mind.

Let’s start with climate warming, which, according to the best measures, inconveniently stopped about 18 years ago. First, what is the magnitude of the threat? The most alarmist predictions of future catastrophe are based on computer-generated climate models that have been consistently refuted by events of the real world. According to the alarmists, by 2010 there should have been 50 million refugees from global warming. Never happened.

Those models are based on a variety of assumptions about “feedback mechanisms” generated by increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere trapping more heat. NASA satellite data from 2000–2011 showed far more heat escaping the earth’s atmosphere than predicted by the computer models, according to a study in the peer-reviewed journal Remote Sensing.

Nor is it clear to what extent the global warming of the 20th century was generated by anthropogenic forces — i.e., increased carbon dioxide emissions.

Many leading climate scientists now think that solar activity — about which we can do nothing — may be a larger contributor to temperature variation than carbon emissions. That would be consistent with the wide fluctuations between warm and cold periods over the last millennium, even prior to the onset of the Industrial Revolution.

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Addendum: “Saul Alinsky, Climate Scientist”



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