STW editor Jon Sutz radio interview re “Ten Vital Facts About Refugee Crisis” report

On Monday, October 26, editor Jon Sutz appeared on The Schilling Show (WINA, Charlottesville, VA), to discuss his recent special report, “Ten vital facts about the refugee crisis that every American should know.” Highlights:

  • Gender-breakdownThe news media’s persistent, untrue depiction of refugees as consisting mostly of desperate women and children, from Syria and Iraq – when in fact 72% are males, mostly of fighting age (18-45) – and 74% are from neither Syria nor Iraq
  • The “rape jihad” that has been festering in W. European countries that began allowing mass immigration from the Middle East
  • The fact that the heads of the FBI and DHS recently testified that they have no effective means of discerning which of these refugees is a peace-seeking civilian, and which may be a terrorism supporter
  • The fact that a staggeringly large segment of Muslims already on U.S. soil reject the U.S. Constitution, and support the use of violence against Americans in order to “defend Islam”

Jon’s segment begins at the 20:00 mark, and continues for the rest of the show (18 minutes):


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