STW Founder Ken Abramowitz on Fox News re Congress’s failure to pass replacement for ObamaCare

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On March 28, 2017, founder and president Ken Abramowitz appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Varney & Co.”  They discussed:

  • The failure of the Republican-led Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act (“ObamaCare”), and implement the compromise bill that President Trump put forth
  • The terminology used by Trump to describe the “collapse” of ObamaCare, and its implications for Medicaid
  • Health insurers’ steady withdrawal from ObamaCare exchanges
  • The historical pattern of democracies not functioning well during “pre-crisis stages,” as Ken asserts the whole ObamaCare system is now in, between 1-3 years away from complete collapse, defined as the complete or near-complete abandonment of all health insurers from ObamaCare exchanges
  • The MedicAid portion of ObamaCare will remain, because it is too lucrative for health care providers to walk away from it; it is rather the uninsured support mechanism that cannot sustain the financial pressures, and will collapse under its own unsustainable weight




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About the Author:

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