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Iranians celebrate on a street in northern Tehran after Iran’s preliminary nuclear agreement with world powers. (Ebrahim Noroozi / Associated Press)

Amidst the Iranians dancing in the streets over the “deal” that their representatives struck with Western powers, and the White House trying to contain the fallout from revelations that even France walked away from it before the final handshakes, here are some articles that will help to clarify exactly what is going on:

(1) An email by Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy, April 3, 2015.

“In the wake of yesterday’s announcement of an appallingly, if not surprisingly, bad deal with Iran, I wanted to make sure you had the benefits of the analysis your Secure Freedom team has produced.  Senior Vice President for Policy and Programs Fred Fleitz and Vice President for Research and Analysis Clare Lopez have established themselves as two of the country’s foremost and go-to experts on Iran’s nuclear weapons programs and other threatening activities.  I think you will find their analyses of the the April Fool’s Deal and its implications in National Review Online and WND, respectively, to be both informative, thoughtful and timely.  In addition, here is the podcast and transcript of my one-minute commentary for today, which is heard on roughly 200 radio stations around the country.

(2) Caroline Glick: “The diplomatic track to war,” The Jerusalem Post, April 2, 2015.


Caroline GlickThe world powers assembled at Lausanne, Switzerland, with the representatives of the Islamic Republic may or may not reach a framework deal regarding Iran’s nuclear program. But succeed or fail, the disaster that their negotiations have unleashed is already unfolding. The damage they have caused is irreversible.

US President Barack Obama, his advisers and media cheerleaders have long presented his nuclear diplomacy with the Iran as the only way to avoid war. Obama and his supporters have castigated as warmongers those who oppose his policy of nuclear appeasement with the world’s most prolific state sponsor of terrorism.

But the opposite is the case. Had their view carried the day, war could have been averted.

Through their nuclear diplomacy, Obama and his comrades started the countdown to war.

In recent weeks we have watched the collapse of the allied powers’ negotiating positions.

They have conceded every position that might have placed a significant obstacle in Iran’s path to developing a nuclear arsenal.

They accepted Iran’s refusal to come clean on the military dimensions of its past nuclear work and so ensured that to the extent UN nuclear inspectors are able to access Iran’s nuclear installations, those inspections will not provide anything approaching a full picture of its nuclear status.

Read the rest here.

(3) President Obama Must Not Complete a Disastrous Deal With Iran: Forget Churchill—Obama Isn’t Measuring up to Neville Chamberlain,” by the New York Observer.

According to Steve Emerson of the Investigative Project on Terrorism:

“The Observer article encapsulates the essence of what may ultimately become the most dangerous deal since the appeasement of Hitler in 1939. Given the sudden flurry of contradictory and get-tough statements made in the last 36 hours, no one can be 100 percent certain that a final deal will be made.  On the other hand, as the editorial points out, President Obama’s “obsession” with negotiating an agreement with Iran has resulted in his making such irreversible concessions that Iran will find it impossible to refuse to come to terms. Yet it is those very concessions that lie at the heart of the matter. Because the president seem blind to the collateral damage of such a deal that would threaten the very survival of Israel and the very security of the West itself.”

Read the editorial here.


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