Multifront War
& Infragard

On June 10th Ken Abramowitz, Wall Street Hall of Fame inductee and author will discuss: The Multi-Front War, Challenges, & How it impacts InfraGard's Mission to protect our nation's critical infrastructure. You will gain key insights in actionable next steps we need to know to better prepare to address these challenges.

Kenneth Abramowitz

Kenneth Abramowitz is a Managing General Partner and the co-founder of NGN Capital, a half-billion dollarworldwide healthcare venture capital fund. He joined NGN from the Carlyle Group, where he was Managing Director from 2001-2003. For his work in the financial sector, he has been inducted into the Wall Street Analyst Hall of Fame, with a rank of 15 out of 20,000 analysts. He lectures worldwide on the issues of democracy, and his bold—and highly recommended—first work is The Multifront War, Defending America from Political Islam, China, Russia, Pandemics, and Political Strife, released in November 2020. - © 2021