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The current coalition government in Israel is dysfunctional and a threat to Israeli security. Here's why
Anti-Semitism has been growing at an alarming rate around the world, and in the United Nations. When anti-Semitism goes unpunished, it always leads to violence, first against Jews, and then against Christians. This must stop now!
“Biden is not mentally capable of being the President. ..... America cannot be counted upon for anything.”
"My family has always been supportive of the State of Israel....We Druze believe in and fight for Israel, as it is the only nation in the region that has granted us equal rights."
The people of Gaza are poor and many of them go hungry. Yet the Gazan elites, the leaders of Hamas and their families, have plenty and live the good life. The divide between rich and poor is stark.
Ayoob Kara’s unique and powerful plan for peace in the Middle East is unlike any that has been proposed before. It is well-worth a serious look.
The Biden administration's heavy-handed misuse of its political power has put the U.S. on the road to rivaling China as a violator of human rights.
. By Rachel Avraham In series of photos that Israeli human rights activist Kay Wilson displayed on Facebook several years ago, the living conditions within the West Bank are displayed. From the photos, it appears that the Palestinian Authority has an...
The American Constitution is rapidly disappearing from the public sphere after only 233 years. The survival of the freest country in the world is at stake.
.By Rachel Avraham In recent years, the Druze have been making inroads and obtaining high level government posts. Part of the reason why so many Druze have been succeeding in Israeli politics is because of their loyalty to the State...