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PREVIEW: Co-existing With China

Threat Analyst Ken Abramowitz is author of “The Multifront War

Editor: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, President, American Center for Democracy (ACD)

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The Challenge of Co-existing With China – Ken’s Thought of the Week

World War II ended when the United States exploded the world’s first nuclear bomb in 1945. The former Soviet Union followed in 1949 and, with the Soviet’s help, Communist China detonated its first nuclear weapon in 1964. (Other members of the Nuclear Club now include India, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, and France. And the Islamic Republic of Iran is rapidly getting dangerously close to possessing nuclear weapons.)

If we had our rathers, the US should have been able to prevent the Communist and Islamic regimes from developing nuclear weapons, but since it failed to do so, we must co-exist.

The US has been the world’s Superpower for decades, but it seems to be losing its status recently.

To assess the US’s ability to offset any advantage its foremost enemy, China, might have, we at Save the West decided to examine several forms of warfare:

1) Conventional military (kinetic) war  – To gain an advantage over China’s aggressive expansion, the US must immediately invest an extra $100 billion in strengthening all aspects of its military, especially in doubling the size of the Navy. The US must invoke the National Defense Mobilization Act to immediately double the production of critical conventional weapon systems to replenish our Ukraine-caused depleted inventories, and all woke indoctrination must cease immediately to enable recruitment.

2) Chemical and biological weapons (CBW) – The US must encourage the pharma industry to spend more to protect it from future viral pandemics through vaccines and therapeutics. It should repeal the price controls on pharmaceuticals embedded in the misnamed Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). China should be sanctioned to force them to stop shipping fentanyl precursors directly or indirectly into the US. Chinese fentanyl is killing more than 100,000 (primarily young) Americans annually.

                                                                                               3) Cultural war – The US should encourage the States to remove textbooks full of false narratives about communism and forbid universities from accepting donations from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It also must ban the use of TikTok.4) Economic war – The US must continue its encouraging business and scientific innovation policies while taking measures to prevent China from stealing its IP. We must incentivize on-shoring of critical products such as pharmaceuticals, rare earth elements, and semiconductor chips, among others. And it must enforce the ban on telecommunication companies such as Huawei from selling in the US.

5) Legal war – The US should encourage lawsuits on behalf of the 100 million persecuted Christians in China. It should also prepare a $10 trillion lawsuit against China for the damage to lives and treasury caused by unleashing the COVID-pandemic and a potential future Covid.

6) Demographic war – The US must immediately close its southern and northern borders to stop the invasion of millions from 160 countries, including military-age Chinese men. 7) Cyberspace war – The US is the world’s leader in using cyber for offensive and defensive purposes. It must ensure it remains the leader.

The US government gets a grade of “D” in its ability and willingness to protect the country. However, by implementing the changes enunciated above, it could rise to a “B.”

To deserve an “A,” the US would have to pledge to defend Taiwan, better protect South Korea, Japan, and India, re-invoke the 1823 Monroe Doctrine to prevent Chinese meddling in Latin America, and finally leave the Chinese-controlled and thoroughly corrupt World Health Organization. So much to do, so little time!

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