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Kenneth Abramowitz is the President and founder of SaveTheWest.com. Learn more about his professional background and philanthropic efforts at "About Our Founder."

Friendly Suggestions for Biden’s Upcoming Middle East Trip – Ken’s Thought...

On July 13, President Biden will visit the Middle East, to visit Israel, the 'Palestinians', and Saudi Arabia. But what does he hope to accomplish? Will anyone trust him to make a difference?

Red Skelton’s Salute to Flag Day

  June 14th was Flag Day. It was the birthday of the United States Army and the birthday of President Trump!!! This video of Red Skelton...

The Globalists’ Existential Threats to U.S. – Ken’s Thought of the...

The supra-national organizations that are trying to take authority over sovereign nations are threatening the future of their autonomy and independence.

Biden to Cede U.S. Healthcare Sovereignty to WHO – Ken’s Thought...

Why would the Biden administration trust WHO, which mismanaged the world's response to COVID-19 so badly, and covered up the source of the virus?

Remember The Treaty of Westphalia – Ken’s Thought of the Week

The Peace of Westphalia was the end of the 30 Year War. But it wasn't the end of wars. We simply haven't learned from our history, which keeps repeating itself.

Globalists Attempt to Impose New World Order – Ken’s Thought of...

When common problems such a COVID arises, countries should compare best practices for their mutual benefit. But those promoting the New World Order have other ideas.

The Biden Administration’s False Narratives and Web of Lies – Ken’s...

The numerous false narratives that guide the Biden administration are making it incapable of managing the national security of America. It is a dangerous time for our country.

The Butcher of Ukraine – Ken’s Thought of the Week

Putin underestimated Ukrainian comedian-turned-President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian people's resolve for independence. It may have been his worst blunder.

Time to Remember President Reagan’s Shining City on the Hill –...

Has the Biden administration lost its pride in our in America's exceptionalism? If so, what can We the People do about it? Ken has some ideas that could make a real difference.

U.S. Progressives Reject The 10 Commandments – Ken’s Thought of the...

'Progressives' pretend to help Americans by extending free benefits, but we Americans pay for those 'gifts' with sky-high inflation and the loss of our freedom.