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Few people realize that Western civilization – individual rights, free enterprise and limited constitutional government – is under assault, is facing existential danger from unprecedented economic, cultural, and military threats. On a deeper level, few in the West understand or appreciate who “we” are, how we became so prosperous and free, who our enemies are, and how to preserve our civilization.

The mission of SaveTheWest.com is to advance knowledge concerning:

  • The foundational underpinnings of Western civilization (“the West”).
  • The identities of our enemies, and their strategies, tactics and objectives.
  • Common-sense solutions that will enable the West to survive, and ultimately, thrive.
  • How freedom-loving people in Western nations can help to save our culture.

SaveTheWest.com will advance this mission by hosting written, video and audio material by:

  • Kenneth S. Abramowitz, a noted investor and liberty-oriented philanthropist (and founder of SaveTheWest.com).
  • Certain liberty-oriented thinkers from the present and past, whose unique knowledge and ideas will help advance our mission.

We will also advance our mission by researching, developing and implementing original, innovative projects to (a) raise awareness of the moral virtue and practical achievements of Western civilization, and (b) expose and combat the most pervasive threats facing it.