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One of our top recommendations to Save The West is to enact voter ID laws from coast to coast. The reason is simple: after the principles contained in our Constitution, the foundation of our freedom is our ability to choose our own leaders. Yet we cannot do that if our votes are at risk of being muted by illegitimate votes cast by illegal aliens, or through systematic ballot fraud schemes.

Some say that there is no voter fraud in America, or that even if there is, it is so difficult to perpetrate and is done on such a miniscule scale that it doesn’t affect anything. The facts prove otherwise – facts that are systemically ignored or suppressed, or labeled as “racist,” by those with a vested interest in ensuring that our electoral system becomes as corrupt and easily-manipulated as possible.

This page references two bodies of research:

Books about voter fraud >

Undercover videos that expose how easy it is to perpetrate voter fraud >

Books about voter fraud

index“Who’s Counting?: How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote at Risk”

(Description by C-SPAN) The authors argue that there are serious problems with fraud within the U.S. election system that require scrutiny and investigation.  States need to reduce illegal votes, they say, by requiring voter identification, as well as election monitors.

Watch a video interview with the authors here.

Buy it at Amazon.

Stealing Elections Fund“Stealing Elections”

(Description by Amazon) John Fund explores the real divide the country faces with the looming election. Through wary thoughts on voting integrity, he shows how eletions can be decided by the votes of dead people, illegal felon voters, and absentee voters that simply don’t exist. If nothing is done to address the growing cynicism about vote counting, rest assured that another close presidential election that descends into bitter partisan wrangling is just around the corner.

Buy it at Amazon.

Undercover videos that expose how easy it is to perpetrate voter fraud

The following videos, produced by Project Veritas, use hidden cameras to demonstrate the ease with which one may obtain ballots today in America, without having to show any kind of ID.

As you watch these videos, keep in mind that if one of these fraudsters was able to cast a ballot for a candidate or measure that you oppose, your legitimate ballot would be canceled out.  Multiply by thousands or millions, and it is easy to see how entire elections can be swung through systemic fraud.  When a handful or a few hundred votes will determine the outcome, even small-scale vote-rigging can provide those you oppose with an illegitimate margin of “victory.”

(Note: All descriptions are from the Project Veritas website.)

Undercover operative obtains Attorney General Eric Holder’s ballot to vote (Washington, DC)

A white, twenty-something videographer entered Attorney General Eric Holder’s voting precinct and asked an election official: “Do you have an Eric Holder?” Not only was the Attorney General’s ballot offered to the undercover journalist, who is decades younger than and bears no resemblance to Holder, but the election official went on to plead with the videographer that his ID was not necessary in order to vote. The scenario demonstrated the absurd ease with which the highest legal official in the country can easily have his vote compromised by a total stranger.

Voter-registration outfit encourages undercover operative to engage in voter fraud (Houston, TX)

Videographers embedded within the Organizing for America campaign (grassroots branch of President Obama’s re-election teams) develop relationships from within: in Texas, our operative becomes friendly with the Director of the OFA Houston office. Over time, the videographer “confesses” to Director Stephanie Caballero that she intends to vote twice, both in Texas and via absentee ballot in Florida. Caballero does nothing to discourage the illegal act. She laughs throughout the description saying “Oh my God! This is so funny, it’s cool though!” Caballero was instantly fired, the Houston OFA office was shut down, and the media was forced to cover another Project Veritas investigation.

Field director for Congressional campaign instructs undercover operative how to perpetrate vote fraud (Virginia)

Pat Moran, son of Virginia Congressman James Moran, was the Field Director for his father’s campaign. Our videographer recorded a lengthy conversation with Pat Moran in which he provides detailed advice on how to commit voter fraud in the state of Virginia, specifically outlining the necessary steps to circumvent voter ID laws. When the videographer suggests he wants to fraudulently vote for approximately 100 strangers, Pat Moran advises the videographer to forge utility bills in the names of the unsuspecting registered voters. To comfort the videographer, he assures him that DNC lawyers would defend him if election officials attempted to invalidate the votes, but warned that the forgery has “got to look good”.

Undercover operatives register professional football players to vote, obtain ballots (Minneapolis, MN)

As our national voter fraud saga continued, our videographers were able to obtain absentee ballots on behalf of fictional friends, who laughably shared the names of famous NFL quarterbacks. Our operatives were assured that their “friends” could receive these absentee ballots delivered annually to their home. Setting off a firestorm in the Minnesota state legislature, the video was directly cited on the House floor and a voter ID referendum was placed on the state ballot in the 2012 election.

Undercover operatives obtain ballots for dead people, prepare to vote, without having to show ID (New Hampshire)

Videographers in New Hampshire were able to obtain the ballots of dead people still registered to vote within the state. Our reporters documented poll workers readily handing over ballots of the dead by merely stating the name of an individual (whose names were found in recent public obituaries). Since there were no voter ID laws, the poll workers had no recourse to confirm that the name the videographer stated matched their personal identity. Governor Lynch attacked the videographers, instead of the content of the video, and called for them to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The Attorney General attempted to issue a criminal subpoena on O’Keefe, instead of protecting the votes of New Hampshire citizens. Ultimately, the video was the catalyst that drove a veto-proof majority through the state legislature, overriding the Governor and paving the way for a new voter ID law.