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PREVIEW: Numerous Names – Ken’s Thought of the week

Threat Analyst Ken Abramowitz is author of “The Multifront War

Editor: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, President, American Center for Democracy (ACD)

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Israel/Hamas War Possesses Numerous Names – Ken’s Thought of the week

The brutal sneak attack against Israel by the Islamist terror organization, Hamas, will go down in history as another “Day of Infamy”, reminiscent of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that led to World War II in 1941. So far, this attack killed over 1,200 Israeli citizens and nearly 400 IDF soldiers, and 240 citizens were kidnapped and kept hostage in Gaza. This Hamas attack on the citizens of southern Israel was so horrific that it could be called any one of numerous names to describe this depraved and sadistic attack.

1) “The Shabbat Massacre War”  The massacre of October 7, 2023, began at 6 am on Saturday morning, the Jewish sabbath.


2) “The Simchat Torah War”   Simchat Torah is the celebration of completing the annual cycle of Torah reading that would be celebrated on that day.

3) “The 2nd 1973 Yom Kippur War”  The first was a sneak attack war, which in its selective amnesia, Israel forgot to internalize and codify into a policy of never-ending vigilance.

4) “Israel’s 9/11”  This was the equivalent of 40,000 United States citizens being massacred, adjusting for the equivalent size of America’s population.

5) “Israel’s Pearl Harbor” Israeli intelligence failed to detect their enemy’s preparations to attack.

6) “The Official Beginning of World War III”  Just like the First and the Second World Wars, this local conflict quickly involved every major country, directly and indirectly taking sides – with Israel or against Israel.7) “Israel’s 2nd War for Independence” The first such war was fought in 1948, which Israel thought had ended.

8) “The 3rd Oslo War”  Israel signed the Oslo agreement in 1979 and then suffered through two insurrections before this one.

9) “The 2nd Israel/Iran Proxies war”  This war actually started in 1979 when the unelected theocracy in Iran seized power and immediately declared “Death to Israel” and “Death to America”. Israel finally and belatedly realized that it has been in a full state of war ever since.

10) ”The One Millionth Jihadi War”  This war began around the year 620 during the time of Mohammed, and has continued for 1,400 years unabated. From their base in Saudi Arabia, the Jihadists brutally took over 55 mostly Christian countries and one Jewish country, as Muslim armies spread around the world.

11) “The 150th Amalekite War”   Jews have been under attack during every generation since the biblical Amalekites attacked the early Israelites, who were wandering in the desert under the leadership of Moses, about 3,400 years ago. The Amalekites actually attacked from behind the long column of Jews and targeted the most vulnerable stragglers.

12) “A continuation of Israel’s World War I”  Similarly, Jews have been under attack for 3,400 years, ever since receiving the rule of law. The Ten Commandments were delivered to them by Moses, much to the dismay of the corrupt pagans in the neighboring regions.

This war is a sad combination of all the twelve wars cited above. These wars continue repeatedly, perhaps because Israel never concluded them with the enemies’ unconditional surrender. This was dictated by G-d in the Torah and executed in practice by the US in 1945, thereby ending World War II. Hopefully, Israel will defeat Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis, and other Sunni and Shiite Jihadists and their ideologies so decisively this time that these related Death Cults will never recover. Only then can Israel and the rest of the world be able to live in peace and prosperity.