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PREVIEW: Act Against the Islamic Republic of Iran


Quote of the Day:

The president of Iran should remember that Iran can also be wiped off the map.

                          —  Prime Minister of Israel Shimon Peres,



The Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) dictatorship began in December 1979, when Ayatollah Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini, the leader of the Islamic Revolution, became the Supreme Leader,  new Islamic-based Constitution was adopted.In foreign policy, the Constitution declared it would “support the just struggles of the oppressed against the oppressors in every corner of the globe. The new authoritarian government identified Israel and the US as the major obstacles to achieving this goal.

Thus, the government explicitly called for “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”, as Israel is the “small Satan” and America is the .“great Satan”, thus calling for the genocide of Israel (80% Jewish) and America (90% Christian).

To take over the world, the IRI set up numerous terror proxy organizations. To protect the government from domestic and foreign enemies, the government quickly established the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp (ISRG), which now has more than 200,000 active personnel. In 1988, the IRGC set up the Quds force with some 15,000 operatives to illegally project power abroad. In turn, this group soon built up a network of proxy terror organizations throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

Key countries include Iraq (100,000), Lebanon (50,000), Gaza (40,000), Syria (25,000), and Yemen (30,000), for a total of about 250,000 operatives. Iran also infiltrated the African continent and Latin America with narco-terrorists (100,000) and cultural terrorists (150,000), altogether a total of more than half a million Iranian proxy operatives around the world.

This worldwide terror entity utilizes seven significant forms of war: kinetic, chemical/biological/arson, cultural, economic, legal, demographic, and cyber.

Israel is on the front line, but the US and the whole Western world – moderate Sunni Muslim countries and Hindus included – are under the threat of subversion and takeover by radical Islamism directed by Iran.

Recent centrally planned riots at 200 campuses in the U.S. and hundreds more in Europe, Australia, and elsewhere were organized by Iran, its Sunni Muslim Brotherhood counterpart, and an array of Islamist and progressive-left organizations. Qatar, Turkey, and radical left donors are funding the so-called “resistance” demonstrations on campuses and the streets of big and small cities everywhere. This uprising poses an existential threat to Jewish and Christian students, faculty, and Jewish businesses.

Meanwhile, Iran continues developing nuclear weapons and ICBMs so it can project kinetic power worldwide to intimidate neighboring countries throughout the Middle East, Europe, and the U.S. Iran’s subversive activities are assisted and financed by China and Russia.

We are facing World War III, even though we do not quite realize it yet. So, what should the democratic West do to save itself from extinction and Islamic/Communist slavery?  The West has numerous choices:

1) Bankrupt Iran within 12 months by enforcing sanctions on its oil sales.2) Fund and encourage internal subversion within the 50% of Iran’s minorities who are not Persians to create pressure for regime change.                                                                                                                                                                         3) The U.S. should designate the IRI as a worldwide terrorist state and close all its embassies, cultural centers, and businesses abroad, jam its radio and TV broadcasting, and freeze and delete its social media accounts worldwide.

4) The US, together with British and Israeli air forces, as well as cyber capabilities, should destroy the Iranian Navy, nuclear facilities, weapons manufacturing plants, oil refineries,  oil terminals, and ports.

5) Western nations should use cyber capabilities to shut down Iranian nuclear sites, as well as access to social media.

A combination of these strategies is required to succeed. Our leaders must act now to save Western Civilization from the fast-growing Islamist threat.

Inaction is irresponsible and dangerous.