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Cultural Safety Has Domestic and Foreign Challenges: Ken’s Thought of the...

This week, Ken follows up on previous articles, with recommendations for both domestic and international advisers for both the Red and Green Task Forces.

Dr. Ehrenfeld: Soros’ Anti-Israel Funding

STW contributor Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld examines billionaire George Soros's long history of funding groups hostile to Jews, and the very existence of Israel, and the means by which this support occurs.

Rachel Ehrenfeld: Soros cabal attacks Sen. Cotton’s critique of anti-Semitism

STW contributor Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld reveals which left-leaning entities are criticizing Sen. Tom Cotton's January 8 speech denouncing anti-Semitism, and why.

Soros Is No Dreyfus

Captain Alfred Dreyfus was a Jewish officer in the French military who was falsely convicted of treason, amid the anti-Semitic hatred of the late 19th century. George Soros's apologists are claiming that his situation is similar. As Dr. Rachel Erhenefeld documents, it is not.