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An open letter to HuffPost’s advertisers: Do you know that you are enabling its incitement of hatred and violence?


November XX, 2016


Kenneth Abramowitz, founder and president, SaveTheWest.com

Jon Sutz, creative consultant and editor, SaveTheWest.com


The CEOs of twenty of the Huffington Post’s most prominent advertisers (in alphabetical order): American Express, Amtrak, Caterpillar, Chrysler-Jeep, Comcast, CitiBank, Discover, Eddie Bauer, Ford Motor Company, Goldman Sachs, Home Depot, Hulu, LG, Levi Strauss, Nordstrom, State Farm, United Healthcare, UPS, US Cellular, XFinity.


A public service report regarding your advertising at the Huffington Post

Dear Mr. [NAME]:

What would you think about a large, mainstream U.S. corporation that was paying money to enable an outside organization to do the following, on a large-scale basis?

  • Incite racial hatred
  • Propagate the notion that one race is at fault for all the problems in America
  • Explicitly incite and legitimize physical violence, as a means of advancing a political agenda

As the head of one of America’s most celebrated corporations, you’d probably be repulsed, and might even write an letter to the CEO of that corporation, urging him or her to stop doing this.

The fact is, whether you know it or not, as this letter documents in extreme detail, you are that CEO. 

Because whether you personally made the decision to advertise at the Huffington Post, or it was decided by one of your underlings, the fact is that your corporation has been enabling this website — which falsely insists it is a “nonpartisan” newspaper — to perpetrate a variety of acts that violate both the letter and spirit of [CORPORATION]’s values, and those of HuffPost’s corporate owners, AOL and Verizon Communications.  The following is but a sampling:

  • Explicitly claim, in a front page editorial, that violence against conservatives, Republicans and others who support Trump is a legitimate form of dissent.
  • Explicitly claim, in a top-of-the-front page editorial, that “white people have destroyed America.”
  • Publish a front-page editorial that claimed the 61 million Americans who voted for Trump enabled “the (Ku Klux) Klan” to win the election.
  • Ignore the violence and terror that radical leftists and anarchists are perpetrating across America — or even romanticizing, and depicting them as victims.
  • Pit American against American, by creating an escalating cauldron of hatred and misconceptions, based on incendiary smears, lies, bias and egregious journalistic doubles-standards

SaveTheWest.com has compiled the documentation to prove that HuffPost perpetrated all of these acts, and many more, into a report that we are submitting for your consideration, at:


Please note that this report, and this letter, are also being submitted to the general public’s attention, concurrent with your receipt of same, at:


Please note that we are not accusing you or anyone at [CORPORATION] of doing anything wrong.  To the contrary, we assume neither you, nor any of your underlings, had any idea of what HuffPost has been doing with the money you pay to advertise there, in good faith, and with the presumption that it not do anything to violate your corporate values.  It is for this reason that we think you will find our report so valuable, because assuming you review it in detail, you will see it for what it is: a vital, timely, no-cost head’s up for you and the senior executives of [CORPORATION] as to what you have been publicly enabling, whether or not you are aware of it.

We believe that if you closely examine our report, it will take on added significance, if you look at it through the prism of recent research, that shows Americans are increasingly making their purchasing decisions based on “soft” factors, such as a) the perceived social responsibility and ethical integrity of the businesses they consider patronizing, and b) the external entities with which said businesses form affiliations.  In such a climate, it would be almost impossible to fathom that one of America’s most respected, mainstream corporations would knowingly enable any mass-media organization that is deliberately engaging in such a variety and volume of shameful activities, that can serve only to undermine and tear America apart at the seams, based on lies and deception, and a betrayal of even the most basic ethics of “nonpartisan” journalism.

Please do not mistake this letter, and the enclosed documentation, as being the product of partisans for Trump.  The website we operate, SaveTheWset.com, is a completely nonpartisan operation.  One of us (Ken) is a long-term, well-respected conservative, who in the end voted for Trump.  The other (Jon) is a classic liberal, who did not vote for Trump (or any other presidential candidate).

This is not, for us, about party politics – but rather, about principle.  Specifically, the principle that America cannot survive its current trajectory if we are unable to have a civil discussion, based on accurate, contextual facts, about the most pressing threats we face, and to devise common-sense solutions to overcome them.  On paper, HuffPost should be a major resource with which to advance that discussion.  Here are but a few of the public statements from its founder and editor-in-chief, Arianna Huffington, regarding its journalistic principles and core values:


We respectfully request that you review our report, and get back to us within thirty days, to inform us of what actions, if any, you are going to take in regards to this situation.  Our request is presented because thirty-from now, on Monday, January 2, we will be publishing an article on our website that will contain the official responses from the corporations to which we submitted this report, and if possible, we’d like to include yours.



That is just a small sampling of what HuffPost has done to essentially incite a race war in America, and pit American against American based on false, or egregiously decontextualized depictions of vital public issues. And we have assembled it all into a highly-documented report that we hope you will view as a public service to benefit you, the [NAME] corporation, and your shareholder.

The report [TITLE] is accessible at this URL:

Further, this letter contains pathways to additional evidence that proves this is not the first time that “HuffPost,” as it is known, has engaged in this kind of subversive, hateful, violence-inciting behavior.  Rather, it is merely the latest in HuffPost’s ongoing betrayal of its publicly-stated “journalistic values,” and even the loosest definition of honest business practices, to advance the causes its supports — while engaging in a scorched-Earth campaign to vilify, and ultimately destroy anyone whom it declares an enemy.

Your corporation’s ability to compete in such a diverse marketplace is contingent, in part, on the public’s perception of you: are you honest and trustworthy?  Do you deliver the values you promise?  And as you know, Americans are increasingly making their purchasing decisions based on “soft” factors, such as the perceived social responsibility and ethical integrity of the businesses they consider patronizing, including the external entities with which they form affiliations.

Please do not mistake this letter, and the enclosed documentation, as being the product of partisans for Trump.  The website we operate, SaveTheWset.com, is a completely nonpartisan operation.  One of us (Ken) is a long-term, well-respected conservative, who in the end voted for Trump.  The other (Jon) is a classic liberal, who did not vote for Trump (or any other presidential candidate).

This is not, for us, about party politics – but rather, about principle.  Specifically, the principle that America cannot survive its current trajectory if we are unable to have a civil discussion, based on accurate, contextual facts, about the most pressing threats we face, and to devise common-sense solutions to overcome them.  On paper, HuffPost should be a major resource with which to advance that discussion.  Here are but a few of the public statements from its founder and editor-in-chief, Arianna Huffington, regarding its journalistic principles and core values:




The reality, however, is that rather than upholding these principles and values, HuffPost has turned them on their heads, and instead, become the Western world’s largest online inciter of hatred, and disseminator of lies, often to advance an anti-US, anti-American military, anti-Semitic, pro-Islamist, subversive agenda.

And, whether or not you were aware of it prior to opening this letter, your corporation has been enabling and legitimizing HuffPost’s shameful behavior.




We are writing to you to notify you of the fact that each of you has one thing in common: Whether you are personally aware of it or not, your organization has been paying to advertise in, and thus enable, the Western world’s largest online purveyor of hatred, violence and anti-Semitic propaganda: The Huffington Post.  Most acutely, in recent months, HuffPost has:

  • Published a top-line editorial that explicitly justifies the initiation of physical violence against its political enemies
  • Consistently formatted “news” stories (and particularly, headlines) to promulgate incendiary lies and egregious distortions about key issues, and major political figures
  • Whitewashed those who are now engaging in the political violence that it helped to incite, while ignoring the worst of their acts – and instead, giving prominent coverage only to proof-less allegations of acts by its political enemies

Here are five examples (from among the hundreds in our report) that demonstrate what we allege:


These acts are nothing new at HuffPost.  We at SaveTheWest.com recently produced:

  • Two documentary videos that showcase how HuffPost has engaged in a years-long campaign to incite hatred against Jews and Israel, while ignoring, whitewashing or even justifying Islamist violence against both – and even a beloved U.S. combat veteran.
  • A comprehensive report that documents HuffPost’s two-year campaign of lies, bias, distortion and anti-Semitic incitement, to help sell the Iran nuclear “deal.”

This letter is formatted to give you an overview of the evidence to support our allegations.  At the end of this letter is a link to a Web page we’ve established that will provide you with a veritable encyclopedia of the raw evidence, that we contend any reasonable person would consider to be conclusive proof of what we allege.

Neither this letter, nor the enclosed report, is not based in partisan bias.  Although HuffPost is currently engaged in a veritable “jihad”  to incite and whitewash political hatred and violence against the GOP, and president-elect Trump, one of us (Ken) is a Trump supporter, while the other (Jon) is not.  This is not about partisanship.  This is, rather, only about the role that your corporation is playing (again, with or without your personal knowledge) in enabling HuffPost to perpetrate these acts.

We assume that your organization decided to advertise at HuffPost largely based on how many readers it has.  Perhaps this decision was based, in part, on HuffPost’s repeated public proclamations that it is absolutely nonpartisan, and that it:

  • “Maintains only the highest levels of journalistic integrity”
  • Has “prohibited inflammatory claims and conspiracy theories.”
  • Has a “zero-tolerance policy against hate speech of any kind.”

We further assume that you, personally, are unaware of the facts and evidence contained in this letter, and the associated Web page.

After reviewing these materials, however, you will have a very clear picture of the evidence that demonstrates the leading role that HuffPost is playing, and has been playing for years, to incite political violence and hatred, based on lies, bias, deception, often with an unmistakable anti-Semitic component.

The question now is, where do you go from here?  Will you continue to enable HuffPost, with the full knowledge of the role you are playing in helping to rip America apart?  Or, will you decide that your personal philosophy, and your stated corporate values, require that you choose another path?

This letter has been sent to each of you, in physical form, on November 19, 2016, and went live on our website the same day.

We will be publishing a follow-up page on December 19, 2016, that will contain the replies that we receive from you, as to your views on this matter, and what, if any, actions you are going to take as a result.

Thank you for  your time, and in advance for the time you may spend reviewing the enclosed report, which is also located at: www.savethewest.com/HuffPostAdvertiserReport1/

If you would like to discuss this matter privately, Ken can be reached via the means enclosed on the separate page of this (physical) letter sent to you.


Kenneth Abramowitz

Jon Sutz

Some basic facts about the election:

  • According to one analysis, “Clinton has turned in the Democratic Party’s worst Electoral College performance in 28 years,” meaning, she failed to win districts that Obama and her husband won handily.
  • President Obama said that his legacy is at the heart of the 2016 race, and Sec. Clinton affirmed that she was seeking the presidency to enact what would amount to his third term.  The voters resoundingly rejected this prospect, just as they had been trending away from Obama ever since they put him into office, in 2008.

HuffPost, however, has acknowledged none of this, beyond the barest of numbers of what happened on election night.  Instead, it went into attack mode, to claim the American people turned into racists, overnight – and that white people had “ruined” America.


March 12, Chicago, IL: Two left-oriented Jewish students at Northwestern University were arrested after surveillance cameras recorded them vandalizing a church with swastikas, anti-black graffiti, and the word “Trump.”  HuffPost ignored this story.  Instead, it published on its front page “news” items including A, B, C.

May 24, Albuquerque, NM: Anti-Trump rioters attack two police officers.  HuffPost ignored.

June 3, San Jose, CA: A Trump supporter was beaten bloody, on video.

June 8: HuffPost published an editorial near the top of its front page that explicitly legitimizes the use of violence to oppose Republicans and Trump.

November 7: According to a blog article by former Department of Justice attorney J. Christian Adams, a treasure trove of stolen documents show how HuffPost-affiliated billionaire George Soros has devoted hundreds of millions of dollars to fund “often-secret efforts to… push public narratives about voter fraud, and to integrate the political ground game of the left with efforts to scare racial minority groups about voting rights threats.”  HuffPost ignores the article.  Instead, it published on its front page “news” items including A, B, C.

November 8, Redwood City, CA: A 14-year girl, Jade Armenio, was beaten up at her California high school — on video — for posting her support for Trump on her social media.

November 9: HuffPost published an editorial near the top of its front page that claimed, “The Klan won last night.” 

November 9, Oakland, CA: Someone spray-painted “KILL TRUMP” on a storefront.

November 9, Seattle, WA: Rioters shot five people, leaving two with life-threatening injuries.

November 9, Oakland, CA: Three police officers were injured after rioters attacked them, thirty of whom were arrested.

November 9, New York, NY: Radical leftists severely beat a man’s dog, because they suspected he was a Trump supporter.  HuffPost featured nothing about this incident.  (Note: In March 2016, another anti-Trump rioter, in Missouri, beat a police horse, and was charged with the crime.  HuffPost featured nothing about this incident.  At the same time, however, it gave three days of graphic, front-page coverage to a story about a swan that was dragged out of a lake – in Eastern Europe.)

November 10: HuffPost published a racist editorial at the very top of its front page that claimed, “White people… ruined America.”

November 10, Chicago, IL: A black mob dragged a white driver from a car and severely beat him — on video — while screaming, “You voted Trump?  You gonna pay for that shit!”

November 10, Portland, OR: A pregnant woman who was trying to drive to a hospital was stopped and attacked by a mob — on video.

November 10: HuffPost published on its front page an allegation that a Muslim student at the University of Louisiana – Lafayette was assaulted by two male Trump supporters, because of her faith.  Within one day, however, she admitted to police that she made the whole thing up, and is now facing criminal charges.  HuffPost never put up another headline to indicate that the story was phony; instead, it originally put an addendum on the article, then after two more days, moved it to the top of the article.  To the causal observer who followed HuffPost’s front page over those three days, however, the story was true.

November 10, Houston, TX: An eleven-year-old boy, on crutches, who was beaten by classmates for voicing his support for Trump.

November 11: The Daily Caller reported, “A left-wing charity organization with unknown sources of money is providing the funding for protests around the country — some of which have turned into violent riots — that have threatened a divided nation’s ability to unify after a contentious presidential election.” HuffPost ignored this story.  This stands in sharp contrast to the splash-headline treatment it employs whenever it attacks “dark money” in conservative activism.

November 11, New York, NY: A Trump-hating anti-bullying advocate(!) was arrested after she assaulted an elderly man after they argued over the results of the election.  HuffPost ignored the story.  Instead, it featured on its front page A, B, C.

November 11: HuffPost published a headline on its front page, “Muslim Women Across America Face Attacks In The Wake Of Donald Trump’s Win.”  The story page, however, refers only to allegations of physical attacks in Champaign, Illinois and Albuquerque, New Mexico, two of which were reported by the complainants only on Twitter.  The third, who reported her allegations to the Lafayette, LA police, retracted her complaint the next day, admitting that she made the whole story up
HuffPost never featured a headline that indicated this fact, and as of November 16 at 2:30pm, never inserted an addendum to correct the record.  Instead, between November 12-16, HuffPost featured “news” stories on its front page including A, B, C.

November 12, Portland, OR: Nineteen rioters were arrested, and two charged with attempted murder, over a shooting during an anti-Trump riot. HuffPost ignored the story.

November 13: The CEO of an American technology security company openly threatened to assassinate Trump, and described specifically how he planned to do it.  HuffPost completely ignored the story.  Instead, it featured on its front page A, B, C.

November 13: HuffPost published a front-page story that claimed allegations of hate crimes against Muslims are growing at a faster rate than at any point since the 9/11 attacks.  What HuffPost did not mention, however, is that Muslims are among the smallest group of hate-crimes victims, in contrast to Jews, who have a similar population in the U.S., yet against whom 3-5 times more hate crimes are perpetrated each year.  Further, HuffPost made no mention, in June 2016, of the fact that violent anti-Semitic assaults spiked 50% in the last year – or the fact that many of these hate crimes are being perpetrated by Muslims.

November 14, New York, NY: Anti-Israel marchers joined anti-Trump protesters, and called for a terrorist uprising (‘Intifada Revolution”) in America. The protest was captured on video.
HuffPost completely ignored the story.  Instead, it featured on its front page A, B, C.

November 15, Cleveland, OH: A man who posted on Twitter that, “My life goal is to assassinate Trump,” has been charged by the Secret Service with making a threat to a successor to the presidency.  Shortly before that Tweet, he posted, “Diplomacy. F***ing fools. I hate you all. I want to bomb every one of your voting booths and your general areas.”
HuffPost completely ignored the story.  Instead, it featured on its front page A, B, C.

November 16, Austin, TX: Police release the pictures and profiles of the revolutionary communists who assaulted them and other demonstrators at an anti-Trump demonstration.  On their website, they explicitly advocate violence, and the overthrow of the U.S. government, to usher in a Stalinist-Maoist communist totalitarian system.

November 16, New York, NY: A Rutgers University professor was taken to Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital for a mental health evaluation after the school filed a complaint with the police.  School officials reported the professor “made threats to kill white people” in person, and on social media, in response to Trump’s election.

HuffPost ignored all of these stories.  Instead, it exclusively posted only pictures and allegations of Trump supporters doing bad things, including against Muslims – most of which there was no evidence whatsoever.  And in some cases, when these bad things were later determined to be complete hoaxes, HuffPost did not notify the public of that fact, or at best only put a note at the very end of the article, as in this case, where no casual reader would ever know that the story that was promoted with blaring headlines was completely untrue.  this is nothing new; in recent months and years there has been a steady volume of hate crimes reported against certain minority groups, including Muslims, that turn out to be hoaxes, or were perpetrated by the complainants themselves.  Which HuffPost either does not give coverage to, or buries, far beyond the view of the readers who were incited to hatred, or even violence, by the original, false headlines it ran.

In 2008, HuffPost consistently demanded that Sen. McCain release his medical records, to prove he was fit to serve as president.



HuffPost applied an egregiously malevolent double-standard to the health status of presidential candidates, depending on their political orientation

One of HuffPost’s allegedly core principles is

suppressed legitimate inquiries into Hillary Clinton’s health status, fired the journalist who exposed them, and removed his entire article archive


HuffPost’s jihad against Steve Bannon

November 13: HuffPost published a splash headline which accused Steve Bannon, whom Trump appointed to act as his chief strategist, of being an “anti-Semite.”  (The story page to which this incendiary headline led, however, labeled Bannon a “white nationalist.” More on that in a moment.)  This accusation was based not on proof, but on one, unproven allegation from Bannon’s ex-wife, twenty years ago, in a divorce proceeding.


November 14: HuffPost published another splash headline against Bannon, this time accusing him of being a “white nationalist.” This accusation was based on a libelous, proof-less claim by the notorious Southern Poverty Law Center, which has been repeatedly discredited as a radical leftist smear group, that even the FBI, under President Obama, cut off all ties with it.  (This incident is reminiscent of one in 2015, in which HuffPost published a splash headline accusing a U.S. Senator of being a “saboteur” in regards to the Iran deal, based on a supposed nonpartisan “group of experts” – without disclosing to its readers the fact that this group was proven in court to be a front group for Iran’s mullahs.)


November 14: HuffPost published a splash headline that contained a false quote, which it attributed to former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, in which he allegedly said that “Bannon can’t be anti-Semitic,” because “he worked in finance.”  Just one problem: Gingrich never said this, and HuffPost’s own story page proves it.  What Gingrich actually said was, that in response to the broad accusations against Bannon – not specifically that he is an anti-Semite – “(He) was “a naval officer, a managing partner of Goldman Sachs a Hollywood movie producer.”  Yet HuffPost twisted these words to claim he said something he had not, in order to dishonestly insinuate that Gingrich, himself, is an anti-Semite, defending a fellow one because he “worked in finance.”


November 15: Three prominent American Jews published articles that defended Bannon from charges of anti-Semitism, and more:

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, “America’s Rabbi,” has published articles at HuffPost — but apparently, as in this instance, only when they agree with his view (contrary to its policy).  At 9:48am, The Hill published an editorial by Boteach, in which he defended Bannon against charges that he is an anti-Semite, etc. The editorial took the form of an open letter to ADL president Jonathan Greenblatt, who a few days ago issued an official statement excoriating Bannon as an anti-Semite.  Excerpt:

If you have issues with Mr. Bannon, focus them squarely on pronouncements attributed to him. I am aware that in a contentious divorce proceeding he is said to have uttered something about his daughter not being with Jewish students.  I have no idea about the veracity of the statement and as a marriage counselor, I know that in a divorce, harsh things are often alleged. Aside from that, I don’t think even the most hostile media can point to a single reason to consider him anti-Semitic.

Prof. Alan Dershowitz, another long-term HuffPost blogger, blasted the notion that Bannon is an anti-Semite, in an interview published by Breitbart.com.  Excerpts:

The evidence certainly suggests that Mr. Bannon has very good relationships with individual Jews.[…] I haven’t seen any evidence of personal anti-Semitism on the part of Bannon. […] I don’t think anybody should be called or accused of being anti-Semitic unless the evidence is overwhelming. […] It is not legitimate to call somebody an anti-Semite because you might disagree with their policies.  Or because in one instance, like in the Bannon case, an aggrieved wife in a divorce may have said something which he himself has denied having said.

Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Association of America, issued a press release that defended Bannon from all of the allegations that HuffPost employed.  Excerpt:

As pro-Israel writer (and orthodox Jew) Joel B. Pollak wrote, Mr. Bannon is “an American patriot who defends Israel & has deep empathy for the Jewish people.”  ZOA’s own experience and analysis of Breitbart articles confirms Mr. Bannon’s and Breitbart’s friendship and fair-mindedness towards Israel and the Jewish people.  To accuse Mr. Bannon and Breitbart of anti-Semitism is Orwellian.  In fact, Breitbart bravely fights against anti-Semitism.  Here are a few of the many examples:

HuffPost completely ignored Boteach’s and Dershowitz’s, and Klein’s articles.  Instead, it continued libeling against Bannon, with nothing more than proof-less accusations.  It did, however, place a “news” story near the top of its front page, with the title, The Day My Lover’s Wife Confronted Me About Sleeping With Her Husband.”



This incident is reminiscent of an explicitly anti-Semitic attack that HuffPost itself launched against Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, in which it falsely claimed that he said, “No disrespect, Barry,” in reference to President Obama, alleging that Netanyahu had not advised the White House in advance of his acceptance of Speaker Boehner’s invitation to speak before Congress.  The fact is that as HuffPost knew, or should have known, one month earlier the New York Times debunked its own account of this story, which was fabricated by the White House, and admitted that Obama had, in fact, been advised of Netanyahu’s acceptance.  HuffPost never issued a correction or retraction of its false, incendiary, anti-Semitic attack on Netanyahu.

It also reveals HuffPost’s double-standards when it comes to presidential advisers.  In 2013, former Ku Klux Klan Imperial Wizard David Duke heaped public praise on the notorious anti-Semitic propagandist Max Blumenthal, a HuffPost blogger, and son of long-term Clinton adviser Sid Blumenthal, who praised Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel, and smeared legendary Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel after his death.  In public, and recently-released Wikileaks emails, however, Hillary Clinton has praised Max Blumethal on numerous occasions, and while Secretary of State, ordered that his articles be printed and distributed within the government agency.  Yet HuffPost has run not a single news story about the fact that both Clinton and Duke praised the same anti-Semitic propagandist, or openly demanded that Clinton disavow any relationship with him.


In terms of exposing the double-standards HuffPost employs regarding holding political activists to public account for what it considers offensive actions, consider how the fact that HuffPost gave three straight days of front-page, pictorial coverage to a “news” story it wrote, denigrating a conservative blogger in Chicago for criticizing what she contended was biased information being distributed at the Brookfield Zoo.  HuffPost mocked and ridiculed this woman, with pictures of her face.

12-08-2014-fphl-day3-of-hp-making-fun-of-chicago-conservative-on-fpYet after hundreds of incidents of violence being perpetrated by anti-conservative rioters before and after the election, HuffPost has featured not a single story about any of them, personally.  Nor did it feature a front-page story about the Muslim student who filed a false police report, alleging that Trump supporters assaulted her because due to her faith.

November 14: The former press secretary to Sen. Bernie Sanders openly mocked the white people who are being beaten by anti-Trump rioters, on CNN, and explicitly justified the violence.  The woman, Symone Sanders, reacted to a video of a white man being dragged out of a car by a black mob and being brutally beaten because they alleged he voted for Trump, by saying, “”Oh my goodness, poor white people! Please… […] We can’t call for people to be peaceful when the rhetoric that has been used is not peaceful, when people don’t feel peaceful in their home.”

HuffPost featured nothing about this incident.  Instead, it featured on its front page “news” stories about A, B, C.

Through bias and incitement, assaulting and dehumanizing America’s next First Lady

For nine years, HuffPost has featured a consistent series of pictures and stories on its front page that essentially deify Michelle Obama.  There has been, to our knowledge, never been a story or picture that anything other than positive and glowing, if not openly worshiping our current First Lady – as “news.”

HuffPost has done the exact opposite to incoming First Lady Melania Trump, since the election, including:

(1) Calling Mrs. Trump a “slut,” in an editorial near the top of its front page (just above another hagiography of Mrs. Obama)


(2) Completely ignoring the fact that one attendee at an anti-Trump rally was photographed holding up a large sign that read, “RAPE MELANIA” (note: this was not a Photoshop manipulation, as it was caught captured from multiple angles)


Anyone who has paid even scant attention to HuffPost over the last few years knows that if another publication had done these things to Mrs. Obama, or any incoming Democratic president’s wife, HuffPost would have led the charge to excoriate that publication.

This is not the first time HuffPost exhibited such incitement and bias against top Republican females.

In 2008, HuffPost ran a front-page “news” story in which it explicitly called Cindy McCain, the wife of presidential nominee Sen. John McCain, a “dick” (via its “Dickipedia” sub-site).  At the same time, and for the next eight years, it consistently depicted Michelle Obama as a glamorous angelic figure.

Adapt from: http://huff-watch.blogspot.com/search?q=mobama



In doing all these things, HuffPost has consistently, intentionally and maliciously betrayed even the faintest pretense of “journalism,” and has, instead, been using the money that you and other advertisers give it to engage in efforts to incite hatred.  Hatred, between Americans, between races, and between ethnicities.


Some basic facts about HuffPost:

  • In 2009, and again in 2016, HuffPost’s senior management showcased — in pictures — their virtually all-white senior staff
  • Since its founding in 2005, HuffPost’s senior management has told the public, and presumably advertisers such as yourself, that it absolutely prohibits any kind of hate speech, inflammatory claims and conspiracy theories

My questions for you:

Would you knowingly advertise in any publication or media outlet that explicitly said that attacked one race of people, and claimed that they had ruined an entire nation?   If not, then how can you continue financially enabling HuffPost to engage in this kind of lie-filled racial hatred and bigotry?

We at SaveTheWest.com assume you were unaware of the fact that by advertising at HuffPost, you have been enabling its global incitement of hatred and violence.  Now that you have been provided with abundant evidence of this fact, are you going to continue enabling HuffPost?