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The murder of Hadar Buchris


By Jon Sutz, Editor, SaveTheWest.com

This page contains deep background materials about Hadar Buchris, a 21-year-old who was murdered by Palestinian terrorists.  In my 2016 documentary, below, I profile Hadar’s murder, and how the Huffington Post dehumanized her — while super-humanizing aggrieved Palestinians and those mourning relatives who engaged in anti-Israel violence.

The segment featuring Hadar is from to 24:04 to 27:57:


An extension of “Chronology of Palestinian attacks during the Third Intifada”

(1) About Hadar and her murder

(2) So what kinds of “news” items did Huffington Post publish on its front page and World page, instead of this one?

(3) How does Huffington Post’s decision to ignore this story compare with the coverage that it provides to Palestinians, Islamist terrorists, animals and others who meet with misfortune?


(1) About Hadar and her murder

Hadar BuchrisMeet Hadar Buchris.  This 21-year-old Jewish girl studied theater, and aspired to be a mother.

On November 22, 2015 at a bus stop, a Palestinian terrorist stabbed Hadar repeatedly in the face, head and chest. Israeli soldiers shot and killed the terrorist. Hadar was taken to the hospital in critical condition, but died a few hours later.

Hadar’s story and funeral were covered in depth by the Israeli media, and certain U.S. news outlets.

From the Times of Israel:

“Hadar was a fantastic, bright girl. She was always a source of good energy for the whole group,” Ayala Eretz Hazvi, Hadar’s theater teacher from her school in the Golan Heights, told the Ynet news site. […]

Hailing from the Netanya, she attended school in Safed and the Golan Heights, majoring in theater, before completing two years of national service working with children and youth, first at a moshav near Tiberias, then at a kibbutz in Beit She’an.

She had joined the Zohar college after touring in the Far East.

More from the Times of Israel:

Mourners at Hadar Buchris funeral 3Hundreds of people on Monday paid their last respects at the Jerusalem funeral for Hadar Buchris, 21, who was killed Sunday in a stabbing attack at the Gush Etzion Junction in the West Bank.

“Our dear, beautiful Hadar, so smart and sensitive. You had a big heart,” her father, Aryeh, said in his eulogy. “Everything was still ahead of you; you wanted to accomplish so much. We’re devastated by your tragic passing. You left us shocked and in pain. We can hardly bear it.

“You’re one of those larger-than-life girls. The pain is immense, so immense, but we’ll be strong and continue to unite the family more than ever. I promise you that. We will never stop missing you and thinking about you.”

Mourners at Hadar Buchris funeral 2Maayan Buchris, the victim’s sister, said, “I don’t know what I’ll do now, who I’ll call when things are difficult.

“Just last week, you stayed with me for Shabbat and we slept in the same bed, hugging each other. I would sing to you, and you would sing to me,” she said in her eulogy. “You wanted to get married and have children, but I see that you were meant for greater things — that you are a great person.”

HuffPost completely ignored Hadar’s story, her murder and her funeral.  Meaning, not just that the story didn’t appear on HuffPost’s front page or World page, as in the other cases described earlier – it didn’t appear anywhere on the site.  You can confirm this fact for yourself, by doing a search of her name at HuffPost – which turns up zero results:

25Dec15 Search Hadar Buchris at HuffPost - NOTHING

Contrast HuffPost’s treatment of Hadar to the front-page coverage it gives to young Palestinians who even allege that wrongs were done to them, by Israelis or anyone else:

For example:

A Palestinian journalist who was detained got her face, name and story in a front page story:


And female Palestinian criminals who allege Israeli guards “humiliated” them – with no proof whatsoever:


And when a Palestinian film maker alleged he was detained for a 60 minutes at a U.S. airport, HuffPost decided that was a stop-the-presses moment, which deserved a personalized, splash headline atop its front page:

20Feb13 FPHL HP weeps for pal director

And HuffPost put these weepy-eyed pictures of a young Palestinian girl from Gaza on its front page and World page, holding a picture of her father, after Israel was accused of abducting him.


HuffPost included this “victim’s” name right in the headline of its story page:


HuffPost knew from copy of this story, from the AP, that this man, Dirar Abu Sisi, was suspected of being a senior member of the Hamas terror group:


Later, he openly admitted to an Israeli court that he indeed was a senior terrorist with Hamas, that he planned the murders of Jews, and used his engineering education to dramatically advance the technology of the rockets that Hamas fires into Israeli cities. He was sentenced to 21 years in prison. HuffPost’s search engine, however, proves that it completely ignored all of those parts of this supposed “victim’s” story.


Also contrast HuffPost’s treatment of Hadar to how it treated members of an all-girl Russian punk band, after they were arrested for barging into a famed orthodox church in Moscow, during services, then singing a vulgar song.  HuffPost essentially went apoplectic over the plight of the band, Pussy Riot, and began a multi-year stream of more than a hundred sympathetic stories about these “victims,” including top-of-the-page splash headlines.

2012-08-17 WPHL Pussyriot convicted TOP STORY 925a

On one day alone, HuffPost had nine separate stories on its World page about Pussy Riot – at the same time:

2012-08-19 Wphls 1235a – 9 Refs to Pussyriot – Zero Israel by SaveTheWest

In fact, while a search of Hadar’s name at HuffPost yields zero results, a search of the term “pussy riot” returns 133,000 entries:


(2) So what kinds of “news” items did Huffington Post publish on its front page and World page, instead of this one?

The Huffington Post ignored the story of Hadar’s murder, meaning that the story never appeared on its front page or World page. Thus, anyone who gets their news only from these top pages at HuffPost would have no idea that she was murdered.

So what kinds of “news” stories, then, did HuffPost’s editors decide were more worthy of appearing on its front page and World page, during the two days that followed these murders (November 23-24)? Here’s a sampling:

November 23: HuffPost decided that an abused puppy deserved to have its face, name and story on the front page; Hadar’s murder…not:

11-24-2015 FPHL 22-13 - abused puppy

November 22: HuffPost decided that refugees who are sewing their mouths shut in “protest” deserved to have their (mutilated) faces, names and stories as the front page splash headline; Hadar’s murder…not:


November 22: HuffPost decided that “Nola,” a rhino that died, was more deserving of sympathetic, personalized coverage on its front page than Hadar’s story, and murder:

11-23-2015 FPHL 15-21 - White rhino died

November 22: HuffPost decided that its near-daily Kardashian (Jenner) worship took precedence over mentioning anything about Hadar’s story, and murder:

11-23-2015 FPHL 15-21 - kardashian gossip

Novemeber 22: HuffPost decided that explicit photos of nude women were far more worthy of being depicted as “news” on its front page, than information about Hadar’s murder:

11-23-2015 FPHL 15-21 - nude boobs


(3) How does Huffington Post’s decision to ignore this story compare with the coverage that it provides to Palestinians, terrorists, animals and others who meet with misfortune?

Here is a sampling of the prominent, sympathetic, graphic coverage that HuffPost provides to: