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Fork in Road – PREVIEW


Threat Analyst Ken Abramowitz is author of “The Multifront War

Editor: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, President, American Center for Democracy (ACD)

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Quote of the Week:

Excerpt: America is facing its greatest crisis ever – a divided country and increasing internal conflict.

America Faces a Huge Fork-Road — Ken’s Thought of the Week.

Elected” President Joe Biden “won” the election through massive voter fraud. The Democrat Party purposely deceived its supporters, and the mass-media and social media purposely misinformed the populace, deepening the division between two opposing cultures and ideologies. The Republicans believe in the Constitution, along with “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”, which has led to the most successful country in the history of the world.

The Democrats, however, have rejected the Constitution and the rule of law. Instead, they have embraced a combination of socialism. communism and Islamism, which have enslaved millions of people around the world, and led to the death of hundreds of million people in the past 100 million years.

America is now facing its most challenging year since 1776. Do Americans want to go the way of Athens, Rome, Byzantium, and pre-Bolshevik Russia??

We at Save The West offer our vision on how the next four years might have looked under Trump’s Presidency versus Biden’s. We chose to look at and contrast 16 policy issues, within the categories of Life,Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness:

Life – Trump vs Biden:

Trump:  Fully fund police to prevent and control violent crime and homicide growth,
Biden:  Defund the police, which causes at least a 50% increase in annual homicides.

Trump: Finance speedy vaccination against Covid-19 to cover 100% population in 2021,

Biden: Politicize the roll-out to reach 50% of population in 2021.

Trump:  Allow in 1 million vetted immigrants per year
Biden: Allow 3-5 million unvetted immigrants per year.

Trump: Protect America from the existential risk of Iranian nuclear weapons.
Biden: Negotiate a flawed deal to finance the Iranian nuclear program over time.

Trump: Protect Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and other Pacific allies from Chinese bullying.
Biden: Surrender the Pacific nations to China through appeasement.

Trump: Encourage adoption over abortion.
Biden: Maintain aggressive abortion policies, including late-term and post birth “abortions”, which now approach one million per year, 40% of whom are Black.

2) Liberty – Trump vs Biden:

Trump: Protect free enterprise and honest capitalism.
Biden: Adopt the inherently corrupt systems of socialism, communism, and crony capitalism.

Trump: Guard and protect freedom of speech
Biden: Allow political correctness to overrule freedom of speech.

Trump: Guard the right to bear arms (Second Amendment)
Biden: Confiscate arms and outlaw the right of self-protection.

Trump: Respect federalism so states can largely self-govern
Biden: Impose heavy-handed, federally imposed regulations on the states.

Trump: Encourage and finance school choice.
Biden: Compel students to fail in inadequate public schools.

Trump: Encourage freedom of religion, color-blind justice, and maintain the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.
Biden: Infringe on religious freedoms, impose color, gender, and race-based justice, and apply the presumption of guilt until proven innocent

3) Pursuit of Happiness- Trump vs Biden:

Trump: Grow economy 3-4% annually through low taxes and regulations.
Biden: Grow economy by only 1-2% growth, constrained by high taxes and stifling regulations.

Trump: Hold budget deficit to $ 2-3 billion annually and inflation to 1-2%
Biden: $3-5 billion in budget deficit and 2-4% inflation.

Trump: Encourage energy independence (and national security) through all forms of domestic energy
Biden: Artificially constrain the use of fossil fuels and encourage high-cost, foreign alternatives.

Trump: Support freedom of religion, color blind justice, and concept of innocence until proven guilty.
Biden:  Infringe on religious freedoms, race based justice, and presumption of guilt until proven innocent.

Trump: Promote peaceful transfer of power through honest elections with voter ID, citizenship ID, signature verification, certified American voting machines, and observers.
Biden: Ignore voter ID, ignore citizenship ID, ignore signature verification, prevent observers, and continue to use foreign sourced, easily manipulated and hackable voting machines.

Considering the enormity of these differences and given the historical success of Trump-like policies vs the universal failure of Biden-like policies, how could Biden have gotten 52% of the popular vote, particularly when only about 10% of the population would benefit from such regressive anti-American anti-constitutional, and anti-Capitalism policies?

America is now facing its major fork-in-the-road. Future generations will look back at our history – if accurately reported – in disbelief and wonder. Why did the world’s most successful democracy allow this travesty to happen?

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