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Excerpt:  Fraudulent elections, an assault on Congress, &  vicious attacks on President Trump, are all symptoms of a systemic failure of America’s

Threat Analyst Ken Abramowitz is author of “The Multifront War

Editor: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, President, American Center for Democracy (ACD)

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Inexcusable Systemic Failures – Ken’s Thought of the Week

The catastrophic failure of the purported world’s leading democracy to run an honest election will be a national embarrassment for years. Peter Navarro, President Trump’s Special Advisor, wrote The Immaculate Deception, and The Art of the Steal, and Yes, President Trump Won, documenting the Democrat party’s major vote-stealing campaign and cover-up in 6 swing states. Accordingly, the Democrats used some two million illegal votes to steal the election in those six states. How did they get away with this heist? At Save The West, we identified the startling confluence of 20 factors, which combined to facilitate this travesty:

1) Various Democrat states used the panic they created about the Covid-19 pandemic to scare voters into believing that in-person voting was unsafe. The governors and secretaries of state then illegally changed voting rules without the required legislation from state congresses. Yet, they got away with this because the state legislatures, the FEC, and the DOJ failed to challenge them.

2) When the massive mail-in ballots arrived and overwhelmed the system, the local election officials not only failed to match signatures but purposely threw away the outer envelope to prevent accurate recounting.

3) An early challenge of the illegal behavior of the Pennsylvania election authorities was filed with the U.S. Supreme Court. But the Court declined to hear the case, even though the election authorities violated the laws of the state legislature and the Pennsylvania Constitution. Furthermore, this injustice distorted the vote of the Electoral College, thereby infringing on the constitutional rights of 155 million American voters nationwide.

4) The DOJ, FBI, and DHS failed to stop Antifa and BLM terrorists, who continued to riot and intimidate citizens into staying home and mailing in ballots from there.

5) The RNC declined to sue the states that illegally changed their election laws just weeks before the election. It never sued the DNC for conspiracy to commit voter fraud.

6) The CIA and DHS seem to have failed to inform the Administration that the Dominion and other voting machines used foreign components, that could be easily manipulated and hacked when connected to the internet.

7) Last summer, as American cities were burning and violence spread throughout the country, then-Defense Secretary Mark Esper declared that, if ordered, he would illegally refuse the President’s command to invoke the Insurrection Act, which allows the deployment of active military troops to stop the chaos. The troops were never deployed.

8) The majority of the mainstream media openly supported Biden and the Democrat party, but they failed to register as lobbying organizations. They were joined by the social media conglomerates that illegally denied conservatives and critics of Biden their First Amendment right of free expression. However, the DOJ never sued any social media company for violating the First Amendment rights of 50% of Americans who disagree with them.

9) The Department of Treasury turned a blind eye to non-profit charities and foundations for their direct and in-kind support of political groups. It should have suspended their charitable status and punished them for violating the law.

10) The Senate should have held hearings on potential voter fraud, but chose to do nothing.

11) The Homeland Security Department’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), which is responsible for monitoring voter integrity on the states’ voting machines, failed to do its job. The DNI chief’s report on foreign interference in the election, which was due 45 days later, never materialized, allegedly because of an internal dispute among the nation’s intelligence agencies (the Deep State in action).

12) Corporations, big and small, were intimidated and shamed into contributing to BLM and “charities” affiliated with this Marxist organization, which often funnels money to liberal groups. Major League sports organizations, particularly the NBA and NFL, contributed hundreds of millions of dollars and pledged additional funding. Their acquiescence and financial support legitimized the Marxist, anti-American, anti-Constitution anti-White, anit-black family, pro-violence, and pro-Palestinian terrorist platform of BLM.

13) The Department of Education did not remove anti-American and anti-Constitutional textbooks in the K-12 schools, impairing and molding the minds of future voters. For decades, the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) did nothing, while intolerant Marxists and pro-Islamists took over the faculty and administration of tax-subsidized schools and universities. Moreover, the Treasury Department did nothing to suspend the tax-exempt status of corrupt colleges and universities, which turned into political-indoctrination centers.

14) Despite the extensive Chinese and Russian influence on and ties with Antifa and BLM, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the U.S. Treasury, and the State Department failed to designate these groups as domestic and foreign terrorist organizations.

15) Republican candidates, down-ballot from the President, generally ran bland, one-dimensional campaigns (grow the economy), at best, two-dimensional campaigns (grow the economy and protect national security). They should have run three-dimensional campaigns (grow the economy, protect national security, and protect our culture and values).

16) The two Georgia Senators who ran in the January 5th run-off election, never insisted that the well-documented irregularities of the November 3rd election be fixed in time for the run-off election. Why? After the January 5th election, they never disputed the voting irregularities of their own elections. Why?

17) The White House staff apparently failed to sufficiently warn the President of the techniques the Democrats were planning to use to steal the election. No executive was assigned to oversee the whole electoral process.

18) While the Vice President played the traditional role of a VP, he should have realized that Trump needed a Chief Operating officer (as is common in major corporations) to implement the President’s directives. Also, V.P. Pence, as President of the Senate, should have insisted on a 10-day examination of all the 1000s of affidavits alleging voter fraud.

19) Immediately after the election, but before the votes were certified and long before the Electoral College vote, most news organizations, NGOs, and foreign governments unethically declared Biden the winner, when they prematurely announced that he was the “President-Elect.” This early designation helped foster the deception that voter fraud was immaterial and irrelevant.

20) To stop any final congressional discussion over voter fraud, the Democrats took advantage of Trump’s final rally at the White House Ellipse in DC. They used their Antifa and BLM operatives to foment violence in the Capitol, and accused Trump of inciting it. It is already known that the FBI, DHS, and the NYPD had information about plans to violently disrupt the demonstration, but, apparently, they failed to warn the White House. They also failed to warn the Capitol Police, only 500 Capitol police officers were told to  report for duty that day. Why? There are also conflicting reports about how ill-prepared Capital police were. One report claims they let the demonstrators into the Capitol. Why? Other reports say the Capitol police repeatedly called for reinforcements, but they were ignored six times. Why? By whom? Even the video showing a Capitol policeman, who was in no personal danger,  fatally shooting a young Air Force vet, is being disputed. Why?

The U.S. 2020 electoral process was massively mired by systemic failures, up and down the chain of command, allowing a socialist/Marxist/communist, anti-American, anti-Constitution government to take over. These systemic failures have doomed America’s future for generations. Will they ever forgive us?

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