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The murder of Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky


By Jon Sutz, Editor, SaveTheWest.com

This page contains deep background materials about Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky, a 59-year-old Israeli who was murdered, on video, by a Palestinian terrorist.  In my 2016 documentary, below, I profile Rabbi Krishevsky’s murder, and how the Huffington Post dehumanized him — while super-humanizing aggrieved Palestinians and those mourning relatives who engaged in anti-Israel violence.

The segment featuring Rabbi Krishevsky is from to 16:59 to 23:49:

Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky
Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky, 59.


An extension of “Chronology of Palestinian attacks during the Third Intifada”

(1) About Rabbi Krishevsky, and his murder

(2) The Huffington Post ignored Rabbi Krishovsky’s story, in part by whitewashing its source article

(3) So what kinds of “news” items did Huffington Post publish on its front page and World page, instead of this one?

(4) How does Huffington Post’s decision to ignore this story compare with the coverage that it provides to Palestinians, Islamist terrorists, animals and others who meet with misfortune?


(1) About Rabbi Krishevsky, and his murder

Jerusalem: On October 13, 2015 a Palestinian terrorist drove his car up onto a sidewalk in front of a bus stop, ran down several Israeli Jews, then got out of his car with a meat cleaver, and hacked to death Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky, 59.  The terrorist was able to wound five other Jews before he was shot to death by security forces.

The entire attack on Rabbi Krishevsky was captured on video:

From Israel National News:

A renowned scholar, Rabbi Krishevsky spent years compiling the book “Pearls of Yeshiyahu” on the Torah.  Acquaintances told Arutz Sheva that he sat and studied all day, with his conversations all revolving around Torah. “He lived alone for many years,” one acquaintance said. “All he wanted to was study Torah and perform mitzvot. At religious events, we always honored him with speaking because of his extensive knowledge of the Torah.”

According to the acquaintance, Rabbi Krishevsky had finished prayers in the study hall on Tuesday morning and went to the bus station to meet with his regular learning partner. He was there killed by Arab terrorist, Alaa Abu Jamal. […]

Rabbi Krishevsky is survived by one son.

Rabbi Krishevsky’s funeral was attended by thousands of Israelis:


(2) The Huffington Post ignored Rabbi Krishevsky’s story, in part by whitewashing its source article

The Huffington Post ignored this story, meaning that the fact that Rabbi Krishevsky was attacked and murdered by Palestinian terrorists never appeared on its front page or World page. Thus, anyone who gets their news only from these top pages at HuffPost would have no idea of his identity or that he had been murdered – on video – or that his murder was merely the latest in the string of murderous attacks by Palestinians on Jews (which HuffPost had all but ignored to this point).

13Oct -- 1st story ISRAEL PALESTINIAN UNREST -- near bottom - 1020pInstead, HuffPost published one wire article from Reuters on its front page, with the headline, “Worst unrest in years in Israel and Palestine,” but which mentioned none of the victims by name.

SaveTheWest’s investigation, however, reveals that HuffPost significantly altered the headline of the Reuters article, in a way that absolves Palestinian terrorists from their responsibility in the attacks on Jews, and blurs the distinction between terrorist and victim. Specifically:

(2.1) Here is the wire story from Reuters about these attacks, which HuffPost chose to publish:

On October 13, Reuters published the following story:

“Palestinian ‘Day of Rage’ attacks kill three: Israeli police”

13Oct15 Reuters source story - video of Rabbi murder

The opening sentence of the Reuters story – just beneath the video of the murder of Rabbi Krishevksy – reads (emphasis added):

Palestinian men armed with knives and a gun killed at least three people and wounded several others in a string of attacks in Jerusalem and near Tel Aviv on Tuesday, police said, on a “Day of Rage” declared by Palestinian groups.

(2.2) HuffPost rewrote the Reuters-provided headline to remove any indication of who was attacking whom.

HuffPost published the Reuters story, on both its front page and World page. Yet note how it fundamentally changed the copy of the headline, to remove any indication that Palestinian terrorists were murdering Jews – and imply instead that each side was attacking the other:

Israel and Palestine: Worst unrest in years”

10-13-2015 FPHL 22-06 - UNREST

Note also that instead of matching its altered headline with a picture of even one of the Jewish victims, or a crime scene, it instead chose to match it with a picture of a Palestinian rioter.

HuffPost clearly knew what this story was about, because it put the actual nature of it in the URL, and the sub-headline:

13Oct -- 1st story ISRAEL PALESTINIAN UNREST storypage - callout

(2.3) HuffPost then ratcheted up its betrayal of the truth, by creating a splash headline that explicitly implied that both sides were responsible for this “unrest”

On the evening of October 13, ignoring all of the known facts at the time, which had been published in various Israeli and U.S. news outlets, HuffPost published this splash headline at the top of its World page:


Note the wording HuffPost employed for the headline and sub-headlines:

“Unrest…” “Turmoil…” “Numerous Israelis and Palestinians have lost their lives in… attacks…”

If one only got their news from HuffPost, they would have absolutely no means of discerning from this headline who was killing whom, or why.  And they certainly would have had no reason to know that Rabbi Krishevsky had been murdered, on video.

In the case of Rabbi Krishevsky, HuffPost had the video if his murder in hand, it knew who did it, and that it was part of a series of similar murders and attempted murders throughout Israel on October 13.  Yet it made no mention of any of this in its headlines, and featured not a single picture or any of the victims, or their grieving loved ones.

And in contrast to the fact that HuffPost puts the names of Palestinian victims of violence into its headlines, as of late December – more than two months after Rabbi Krishevksy’s murder – a search at HuffPost reveals that it has never even published his name, anywhere on its site. 

HuffPost search Rabbi Krishevsky 24Dec15 - Nothing

Why did HuffPost, in effect, whitewash Rabbi Krishevsky’s existence out of its history – as well as the fact that was savagely slaughtered – on video – by a Palestinian terrorist, because he was a Jew?  Only HuffPost can answer that question.


(3) So what kinds of “news” items did Huffington Post publish on its front page and World page, instead of this one?

It is worth noting that HuffPost has demonstrated its technical ability to display full-motion video on its front page, when it deems it worthy.

One such incident occurred on August 7, 2013, when visitors to HuffPost’s front page were greeted with full-motion video of a woman rubbing her buttocks in dog’s face, as “news,” which auto-played as soon as the page loaded:

More recently, on November 12, HuffPost devoted its top-of-the-front-page splash to an undercover video of pigs being abused:


Think about that: HuffPost’s editorial policy apparently says that abused pigs in a slaughterhouse are deserving of graphic, top-line sympathy – but a beloved rabbi who is slaughtered, on video, deserves only to be ignored.

Then, there’s the fact that when there is reasonable suspicion or proof that when there is reasonable suspicion or proof that  Jewish extremists cause harm to Palestinians, it crafts headlines that identify them as such.  It then matches these headlines with sympathetic pictures of the victims – or their grieving survivors, then prominently positions these stories on its front page or World page (or both, at the same time).

04Aug15 -- JEWISH EXTREMIST ARRESTED - VICTIM FACE - callout01Mar Israeli settlers RAMPAGE callout10-23-2015 FPHL 22-22 suspected jewish extremist calloutIn one incident, HuffPost even published a “news” story on its front page in which it referred to Jews as subhuman animals, claiming that a “pack” of them had “chased off” Gov. Mitt Romney. (In reality, this “pack” of Jews were actually Romney supporters – something that HuffPost admitted in a corrected version.)

08Aug FPHL Romney chased by PACK OF JEWS callout

Given the ease with which HuffPost identifies Jews as “extremists,” who operate in “packs,” is it not ironic that when the New York Post identified the jihadists who recently murdered fourteen Americans in the San Bernadino massacre as “Muslim killers,” HuffPost blasted the paper as being “racist”?


Returning now to Rabbi Krishevsky’s murder, being that HuffPost decided to ignore his story, and the anguish of his loved ones, what kinds of sympathetic “news” stories did it decide were more worthy of  graphic, personalized, front-page coverage, in the following days, instead? Here is a sampling (October 14-15):

October 14: HuffPost’s editors decided that a story about human excrement (“poop”) was more worthy “news” to feature on its front page than the story, and video, of Rabbi Krishevsky’s murder:

10-14-2015 FPHL 11-30 - poop

October 14: HuffPost decided that abused dogs were worthy of its full-court sympathy on its front page; Rabbi Krishevsky… not:

10-15-2015 FPHL 22-58 abused dogsOctober 15: HuffPost decided that the story of a pop-tart’s sadness that her drugged-out ex-boyfriend passed out in a whore house deserved its front-page sympathy; Rabbi Krishovsky’s murder… not:

10-14-2015 FPHL 11-30 - Kardashian freakshow 1

October 14: HuffPost decided that rumors of John Lennon’s gay curiosity was worthy of being positioned as front page “news”; Rabbi Krishovsky’s murder… not:

10-14-2015 FPHL 11-30 - John Lennon bi gossip

October 14: HuffPost decided that an actress’s shopping preferences was front-page “news”; Rabbi Krishovsky’s murder… not:

10-15-2015 FPHL 22-58 dunham worship


(4) How does Huffington Post’s decision to ignore this story compare with the coverage that it provides to Palestinians, terrorists, animals and others who meet with misfortune?

Here is a sampling of the prominent, sympathetic, graphic coverage that HuffPost provides to: