TITLE: What does Iran have on YOU, Speaker Pelosi?


EXCERPT: Why has Speaker Pelosi incited a frenzy, based on loose rumors that Russia is paying bounties to kill U.S. soldiers – but ignored the voluminous evidence that Iran has actually been doing this, for many years? By Jon Sutz.

By Jon Sutz, Editor, SaveTheWest
August 21, 2020

  • Starting on June 28, 2020, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi created a public firestorm, accusing President Trump of having committed treason, on Russia’s behalf.
  • Her accusation was based on unverified rumors that Russia was paying Islamist terrorists in Afghanistan bounties to attack U.S. military personnel. Within hours of these rumors first emerging, she led a relentless charge among Democrats in Congress to hold hearings, and accused President Trump of treason, for not protecting U.S. soldiers.
  • Yet over her 31 years in Congress, Mrs. Pelosi has consistently ignored verified evidence from U.S. and allied military and intelligence sources that Iran, the world’s #1 anti-U.S. terrorist regime, has been not only paying bounties to Islamist terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan to attack U.S. soldiers, it has provided them with the weapons, training and support services to do so.
  • Further, as Speaker of the House, she championed President Obama’s nuclear “deal” with Iran — even though she knew that as the left-leaning later Brookings Institution reported, the bulk of the $100 billion that President Obama’s nuclear “deal” showered on Iran would be devoted to its terrorist support programs.
  • Even after yet another report emerged on August 17, 2020, about Iran paying bounties to Islamist terrorists in Afghanistan to murder U.S. soldiers, Speaker Pelosi made no comment about it, and ordered no hearings to be held.
  • Given all the evidence in this report, it is clear that Speaker Pelosi’s speculation about what Russia “has on” President Trump, to cause him to commit treason, is far more applicable to her, in regards to her official acts and omissions that protected and enabled Iran to fund, arm and train terrorists to attack U.S. soldiers.
  • This report takes the form of an open letter to Speaker Pelosi, presenting this evidence, and asking what Iran may “have on” her.

Dear Speaker Pelosi:

On June 28, 2020, in response to rumors that Russia paid bounties to Islamist terrorists in Afghanistan to attack U.S. soldiers, you said, “’I don’t know what the Russians have on the president’,” clearly implying that they were blackmailing him to commit treason. Your full quote:

“Just as I have said to the president, with him all roads lead to Putin. I don’t know what the Russians have on the president, politically, personally, financially, or whatever it is.”

Upon what evidence did you base your allegation that President Trump is committing treason, as a result of being blackmailed by Russia?

The answer is: An anonymously-sourced article at the NY Times, which as you know has been peddling one anti-Trump conspiracy theory after another for three years, many of which were later proven to be untrue, or grossly disjointed, or actually incentivizes Islamist terrorism.

The NY Times’s allegations were not based on facts, but rather, on unconfirmed rumors. Despite this, within hours of the NY Times’ story, you and Sen. Chuck Schumer demanded that defense officials brief you and other Congressional leaders, within days.

Then, on June 30, Defense Secretary Mark Esper flatly denied that there is or was any corroborating evidence behind the rumors that the NY Times peddled. It is worthwhile to note that as you know, or should know, the entire basis of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, as alleged by the NY Times on February 14, 2017, was later revealed to be false.

As reported by The Federalist, citing recently-declassified notes and statements by FBI and Department of Justice officials who were tasked (presumably by President Obama) to look into the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory that the NY Times peddled:

“We have not seen evidence of any individuals affiliated with the Trump team in contact with [Russian Intelligence Officials… We are unaware of ANY Trump advisors engaging in conversations with Russian intelligence officials,” former FBI counterespionage official Peter Strzok wrote.

As for the merits of the explosive New York Times story alleging repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials before the election, [Peter] Strzok said it was “misleading and inaccurate… no evidence.”

When the New York Times story came out, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe asked to speak privately with Priebus, according to reporting in Howard Kurtz’s book “Media Madness.” McCabe told Priebus that “everything” in the story was “bulls–t.”

Despite this clear lack of substantiating evidence, thanks to you and your Democratic allies in Congress and the “news” media, this latest unsubstantiated story went viral, to an extent that even left-leaning former Sec. of State Colin Powell said was “hysterical.” As reported by the NY Post:

“What I know is that our military commanders on the ground did not think that it was as serious a problem as the newspapers were reporting and television was reporting,” Powell told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell. “It got kind of out of control before we really had an understanding of what had happened. I’m not sure we fully understand now.”

But the volume and variety of left-leaning “news” sources and “influencers” touting the “Russia-bounty-gate” rumors were clearly serving their purpose:

(1) In creating the public perception that there was substance behind them, to the point where now, most Americans believe the charges have been proven, and want the US to impose more sanctions against Russia.

(2) In creating the perception that President Trump threw America’s soldiers under the bus, and helped get them killed, because, as you said, the Russians “have something on him”

The bone-chilling irony of you accusing President Trump of being blackmailed by Russia into committing treason

Why is this bone-chilling? Because, as the public record shows, it was you who has been protecting — through your silence — Iran, which as you know:

  • Actually has been paying bounties to murder American soldiers — and has the blood of thousands of U.S. military personnel & contractors on its hands

For example, you were one of the most influential cheerleaders for President Obama’s fraudulent “deal” to release more than $100 billion in cash to the Islamist terrorist regime that rules Iran (which primarily benefited Hezbollah, the world’s largest anti-US Islamist terror gang, which Iran funds). You did this despite your presumed knowledge, at the time, that:

  • Iran had been paying bounties to Islamist terrorists to attack American soldiers for many years. This was reported by both NBC News and the Sunday Times (UK) in September 2010 — five years before Obama’s Iran “deal.”
From the New York Daily News, September 5, 2010.
  • In numerous Congressional hearings since 2007, America’s military commanders provided proof that Iran has been providing these Islamist terrorists with the weapons, training, and support necessary to carry out these attacks — and is responsible for the deaths of at least 1,000 American soldiers. An expansive 2015 report, “Killing Americans and their Allies: Iran’s Continuing War against the United States and the West,” co-authored by British military veterans Col. Richard Kemp and retired Maj. Chris Driver-Williams, summarizes the findings of U.S., British and other allied forces operating in Iraq & Afghanistan:

“Throughout the course of the Iraq campaign, a variety of weapons flowed into the country through direct purchases by the government of Iran. These included Explosively Formed Penetrators (EFPs), a shaped charge designed to penetrate armor. These weapons – often camouflaged as rocks – were identical to those employed by Hizbullah against Israeli forces. In 2006, the British Telegraph revealed that three Iranian factories were “mass producing” the roadside EFP bombs used to kill soldiers in Iraq.”

“In 2007, American troops discovered over 100 Austrian-made Steyr HS50 .50 caliber sniper rifles in Iraq. These high-powered rifles, which fire Iranian bullets, can pierce all in-service body armor from up to a mile and penetrate U.S. armored Humvee troop carriers. The rifles were part of a larger shipment legally purchased from the Austrian manufacturer under the justification that they would be used by Iranian police to combat drug smugglers.”

  • Iran was spending one billion dollars per year or more on these anti-American military terrorist campaigns. This was another finding in the finding of a Congressional Research Service report, issued shortly before the passage of the Iran “deal” — meaning, it is inconceivable that you, as the House Minority Leader at the time, would not have been intimately aware of it. In fact, on September 1, 2015 — two weeks before the passage of the Iran “deal” in the U.S. Senate — the Tehran Times (Iran’s official English language “news” source)  reported that Iran’s defense minister publicly stated that no matter what happened with the “deal,” Iran would not stop paying and supporting Islamist terrorists who are attacking U.S. soldiers:

“We have often declared publically(sp) that we will not stop material or spiritual support for Hezbollah or any other resistance organizations that are fighting the U.S. and the Zionist regime.”

From the Daily Beast, April 14, 2015 — as the Iranian nuclear “deal” was being debated — further confirmation that Iran, and Gen. Soleimani, were arming, training and paying bounties to Islamist terrorists to attack U.S. soldiers.

“U.S. and other NATO forces have intercepted shipments of Iranian-made arms in Afghanistan, including mortars, plastic explosives and the same type of EFPs that were used to attack U.S. and allied armored vehicles and to kill soldiers in Iraq.  William Wood, former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan (from 2007–2009) said in 2008: “There is no question that elements of the insurgency have received weapons from Iran.”19

“According to the U.S. State Department in its Country Reports on Terrorism for 2009:20,21

“Iran’s Qods Force provided training to the Taliban in Afghanistan on small unit tactics, small arms, explosives, and indirect fire weapons. Since at least 2006, Iran has arranged arms shipments to select Taliban members, including small arms and associated ammunition, rocket-propelled grenades, mortar rounds, 107mm rockets, and plastic explosives.”

  • Iran played a material role in supporting Al Qaeda before, during and after the 9/11 attacks. This was the determination of a U.S. federal court in December 2011 — more than three years before you fervent, public support for the Iran “deal.”  From the ruling, in Havlish v. Bin Laden, et al (December 22, 2011):

“[T]here is clear and convincing evidence that Iran and Hizbollah provided material support to al Qaeda by actively facilitating the travel of eight to ten of the 9/11 hijackers to Iran or Beirut immediately after their acquisition of the U.S. visas, into and out of Afghanistan, and that these U.S. visas were garnered specifically for the purpose of terrorist travel into the United States to carry out the 9/11 attacks.”

In fact, at the time, the U.S. government had been seizing and auctioning off Iran-owned property on American soil, to help pay judgments for the victims of its terrorism.  Yet n an especially notable bit of timing, it was on September 11, 2015, just days before the final Senate approval of Obama’s Iran “deal,” that you confessed:

“All I was looking for was winning.”

  • You did not demand that the more than $50 billion in U.S. court judgments against Iran, for its terrorist attacks on American citizens and soldiers, be deducted from the estimated $100 billion+ that you knew President Obama’s “deal” would release to the Iranian regime. Throughout 2013-2015, you said and did nothing about these court judgments, or championed the cause of the American victims of Iranian terrorism, who were owed this money. Instead, you pretended those judgments don’t exist – and Iran was not the world’s #1 anti-US terrorist regime.

Since the Iran “deal” was implemented, in 2015, Iran’s terrorist activities, nuclear weapons and missile development programs have continued to metastasize, as documented by both governmental and private sources — as you know (or should know). Here is just a sampling of public reports supporting this fact (in chronological order):

Iran Increases Spending On Global Terrorism, by Investigative Project on Terrorism, February 25, 2016.

The Nuclear Deal Is Iran’s Legal Path to the BombIran sees it. It’s time the U.S. did too, by Ray Takeyh, September 22, 2017.

Iran Spends $16 Billion Annually to Support Terrorists and Rogue Regimes, by David Adesnik, Foundation for Defense of Democracies, January 10, 2018.

Iran ordered to pay billions to relatives of 9/11 victims, by Aaron Katersky, ABC News, May 1, 2018.

Iran Preparing a Worldwide Terror Network, by Yaakov Lappin, Investigative Project on Terrorism, July 2, 2019.

Iran’s Regional Terrorism and Nuclear Activities Grow with its Distress, by Yaakov Lappin, Investigative Project on Terrorism, January 23, 2020.

Staff Sgt. Robert Bartlett, who was severely disfigured when an Iranian-manufactured improvised explosive device (IED), provided by Iran to terrorists in Iraq, exploded in front of him. See a video of Sgt. Bartlett describing what happened, and why he was so opposed to President Obama’s nuclear “deal” with Iran, below:

Further, as was reported in November 2017, President Obama withheld nearly 500,000 documents seized from the U.S. military’s 2011 raid on Osama Bin Laden’s hideout — despite repeated requests from Congressional Republicans that they be turned over to its investigating committees. When these documents & related evidence were finally released, after President Trump was inaugurated, they further revealed Iran’s support for Al Qaeda – in Bin Laden’s own words:

Bin Laden had described Iran as the “main artery” for al Qaeda in one of the previously released letters recovered in Abbottabad. The details on Iran’s support for al Qaeda, some of them buried until now, led to terrorist designations by the Treasury Department and even caused some intelligence analysts to revisit the assumption that the Shiite radicals in Iran wouldn’t back the Sunni al Qaeda.

In a 2011 interview, David S. Cohen, a senior Treasury Department official who went on to become deputy director of the CIA, described the intelligence, which detailed a network of financial support for al Qaeda that operated out of Iran:

“There is an agreement between the Iranian government and al Qaeda to allow this network to operate,” Cohen said. “There’s no dispute in the intelligence community on this.” Iran was providing a “core pipeline” of support that included safe haven for al Qaeda members and the facilitation of travel and the flow of money and weapons.

As if that weren’t enough, in December 2017, Politico revealed in a 25,000 word report that in order to keep his Iran “deal” on track, President Obama quashed an inter-agency task force created to stop Hezbollah from smuggling tons of drugs into America, the profits of which it used to fund its worldwide terror operations — including, presumably, bounties on U.S. soldiers:

The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook; An ambitious U.S. task force targeting Hezbollah’s billion-dollar criminal enterprise ran headlong into the White House’s desire for a nuclear deal with Iran, by Josh Meyer, Politico, December 10, 2017.

On April 8, 2019, as reported by American Military News, President Trump designated Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) a terrorist organization, responsible for arming, training & supporting Islamist terrorists who attack U.S. military personnel. Trump said:

“This unprecedented step, led by the Department of State, recognizes the reality that Iran is not only a State Sponsor of Terrorism, but that the IRGC actively participates in, finances and promotes terrorism as a tool of statecraft. The IRGC is the Iranian government’s primary means of directing and implementing its global terrorist campaign. This action will significantly expand the scope and scale of our maximum pressure on the Iranian regime. It makes crystal clear the risks of doing business with, or providing support to, the IRGC. If you are doing business with the IRGC, you will be bankrolling terrorism.”

Yet according to a Google search using the string “Nancy Pelosi Trump IRGC terrorism April 2019,” you said nothing publicly about this action, implemented in part to help protect U.S. military personnel.

On December 27, 2019, Iranian rockets launched against a U.S. military base in Iraq killed an American military contractor. On January 2, 2020, American military launched a precision air strike that killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani and a number of his aides. 8, 2020, As reported by American Military News, Gen. David Petraeus said that America’s military action was:

“…more significant than the killing of Osama bin Laden” and could help “reestablish deterrence. It is impossible to overstate the importance of this particular action. Soleimani was the architect and operational commander of the Iranian effort to solidify control of the so-called Shia crescent, stretching from Iran to Iraq through Syria into southern Lebanon. Soleimani [was] responsible for providing explosives, projectiles, and arms and other munitions that killed well over 600 American soldiers and many more of our coalition and Iraqi partners just in Iraq, as well as in many other countries such as Syria. So his death is of enormous significance.”

Furthermore, the article mentioned that according to the U.S. Department of Defense:

“General Soleimani was actively developing plans to attack American diplomats and service members in Iraq and throughout the region. General Soleimani and his Quds Force were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American and coalition service members and the wounding of thousands more.”

What was your response to America’s killing of Gen. Soleimani? You published an official reaction that stated, in part:

“…we cannot put the lives of American servicemembers, diplomats and others further at risk by engaging in provocative and disproportionate actions. Tonight’s airstrike risks provoking further dangerous escalation of violence.  America – and the world – cannot afford to have tensions escalate to the point of no return.”

On July 2, 2020, you again castigated president Trump for not acting on rumors of Russia paying bounties to terrorists – yet said nothing about Iran’s long, vast, documented history of such acts, and far more. As reported by TwinCities.com (MN), you and Sen. Schumer said the following in a joint statement focusing on Russia, but mentioned absolutely nothing about Iran:

“Our armed forces would be better served if President Trump spent more time reading his daily briefing and less time planning military parades and defending relics of the Confederacy.”

Why have you been protecting Iran & its ability to pay bounties to kill U.S. soldiers for decades, Speaker Pelosi?

On August 17, 2020, CNN reported that according to U.S. intelligence agencies, Iran has again been determined to be paying bounties to Islamist terrorists to kill American soldiers:

“US intelligence agencies assessed that Iran offered bounties to Taliban fighters for targeting American and coalition troops in Afghanistan, identifying payments linked to at least six attacks carried out by the militant group just last year alone, including a suicide bombing at a US air base in December, CNN has learned. “Bounties” were paid by a foreign government, identified to CNN as Iran, to the Haqqani network — a terrorist group that is led by the second highest ranking leader of the Taliban — for their attack on Bagram Air Base on December 11, which killed two civilians and injured more than 70 others, including four US personnel, according to a Pentagon briefing document reviewed by CNN. The name of the foreign government that made these payments remains classified but two sources familiar with the intelligence confirmed to CNN that it refers to Iran.”

Despite all this evidence, your official website page (archived on August 18, 2020) that describes your national security policy & accomplishments, the only references to Iran say nothing about the deep documentation confirming its

(a) Ongoing worldwide terrorism

(b) Payment of bounties to murder American military personnel

(c) Providing weapons, training and support services to Islamist terrorists who perpetrate such acts

(d) Pursuit of nuclear weapons

Instead, the only items referencing Iran on your national security page describe your efforts to protect Iran (and with it, Hezbollah) from President Trump:

  • “Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement after the Senate passed a Joint War Powers Resolution under the leadership of Senator Tim Kaine to limit the President’s military action in Iran.”
  • “Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivered remarks on the Floor of the House of Representatives in support of Rep. Ro Khanna’s bill, No War Against Iran Act, and Rep. Barbara Lee’s bill, To Repeal the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002.”

Further, as shown in an August 21, 2020 Google search, four days after CNN’s August 17 report, and another from American Military News, confirming that Iran has been paying bounties to Islamist terrorists to attack U.S. soldiers, you have still said nothing publicly about it.

Mrs. Pelosi, you’ve served in Congress since 1989. You became the Speaker of the House of Representatives in January 2007, and served as the House Minority Leader from January 3, 2011 until January 2019, after which you resumed your role as Speaker.

Given the senior-level positions you held — six years of which has been as second-in-line to the Presidency — it is inconceivable that you were unaware of the above facts.

Yet from September 2010 through the present day, neither you nor any of your Democratic colleagues demanded any briefings, hearings or investigations into:

  • Iran paying bounties to Islamist terrorists to attack and murder American soldiers
  • The broader means by which Iran has been providing money, arms, training and support to Islamist terrorists who engage in this activity
  • The role that Iran played in the 9/11 attacks

In contrast, within hours of one unverified rumor in the New York Times, relying on anonymous sources, who claimed Russia is paying bounties to Islamist terrorists in Afghanistan to attack American soldiers, you rushed into action. You, along with a compliant “news” media, whipped America into yet another Trump-Russia frenzy, even though every one of these previous “jihads” in this regard was revealed to be false, if not deliberately manufactured to thwart a sitting president.

Why is there such a galactic discrepancy between your actions in regards to a vast amount of evidence and facts that prove Iran has been paying bounties to Islamist terrorists to attack American soldiers (and perpetrate far more anti-American terrorism) — and the lightning-quick action you took based on unverified, anonymously-sourced rumors of Russia doing the same?

Given all of the above evidence, it is eminently reasonable for a patriotic American to apply your own “standard” for accusing public servants of being blackmailed, directly back at you — and ask:

What has Iran got on YOU, Speaker Pelosi?


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