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PREVIEW: 10 Commandments


U.S. Progressives Reject The 10 Commandments – Ken’s Thought of the Week

Threat Analyst Ken Abramowitz is author of “The Multifront War

Editor: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, President, American Center for Democracy (ACD)

Today’s leaders of the United States Democrat Party include socialists, communists, statists, and revolutionaries masquerading as ‘Progressives’.  They pretend to seek improvement by extending the government’s benefits and offering free services for all. But since nothing is for free, the recipients pay with the loss of their rights and staggering inflation, and their children and grandchildren will pay with higher taxes and fewer benefits.

We at Save The West see through the ‘Progressives’’ mask and call them ‘Regressives’. Why? Because they seek to replace the 3,800-year experiment in democracy that began with Abraham, by regressing 3,800 years back into time, before Abraham, when tyrant, idol-worshiping kings controlled all the lands, and individual human rights were universally ignored.

So, it is time to review the Ten Commandments, as Jews just read about this subject in the weekly Torah chapter of “Yitro”:                                         1) There is one G-d. But the “progressives” believe that the Government has replaced G-d. They think that only the government can determine right from wrong, and only the government can reliably subsidize the needs of the voters.                                                                                   

2) No idol worships. But “progressives” who deny G-d, are inventing false narratives the public is supposed to worship instead, such as CRT, gender transition policies, social justice and global warming. These “unassailable“ false narratives have become modern-idols that we must worship.

3) No vain oaths. But “progressives” continuously lie through fake paths, vowing to uproot systemic racism and stop  global warming, both figments of their imagination.

4) Observe the Sabbath. But “progressives” see no need to reserve one day per week for resting from work and devoting the day to study the Bible that they reject. For them, every day is equally suitable for work, play, shopping, or partying                                

5) Honor your father and mother. But “progressives” do not believe in the nuclear family and do not respect the wisdom of parents. They do not cherish the accomplishments of the past. They want to ignore the lessens of history, as history shows the follies of their theories.          


6) No murder. But “progressives” see nothing wrong with the abortion-murder of over 600,000 babies annually. They are happy to impose their false narratives of communism and socialism, no matter what the human cost.                                                                                                                       7) No adultery. But ‘progressives” do not believe in monogamous marriages and heterosexual relationships. Everyone should simply behave according to how they feel on a daily basis.                                                                                                         

8) No kidnapping. But “progressives” open our borders to human traffickers who sell kidnapped children to be used and abused by adults. Kidnapping is fine, if it leads to more illegal migrants today and then more Democrat voters in the future.

9) No bearing a false witness. But “progressives” do not seek the truth. Instead, they encourage falsehood and praise witnesses who lie to hinder the careers of white men and women, especially, but not always, Republicans. Lying is fine if it progresses their future monopoly of power.

10) No coveting property. But “progressives” love to steal from the rich, to buy the votes of the poor. Progressives seek equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity, except of course for themselves.                                                                                                  

As you see, the so-called “progressives” are truly “regressive.” They want us to forget and ignore 3,800 years of progress since the Old Testament, 2,000 years of progress since the New Testament, and nearly 250 years of progress since the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They want the Party’s Government to control all the power, just as in the days of absolute monarchs and today’s China’s Communist Party and President Xi Jinping.

The ‘progressive’ Democrats want to control all of us, deprive all of us, rich and poor, of our rights, destroy the middle class, and rob the rich in the name of equality and justice. They also use false contradicting narratives invent new “G-ds of to believe in, to obliterate the concept of right and wrong,  just as the ancient Greeks and Romans believed in a pantheon of G-ds.

We The People must rise to defend our rights and expose such hypocrisies in every possible way.