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PREVIEW – Administration Betrays Democracy


Administration Betrays Our Democracy, Security, and Sovereignty
– Ken’s Thought of the Week 

Threat Analyst Ken Abramowitz is author of “The Multifront War

Editor: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, President, American Center for Democracy (ACD)

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During the first 90 days of his administration, President Biden issued more than 60 executive orders that undermine U.S. sovereignty and the democratic political system in favor of globalization. His orders and the Democrat Party’s legislative initiatives undermine America’s national security and our Constitution, and deny Americans their G-d given right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. The new President and his administration’s foreign policies are erratic and are threatening U.S. interests at home and abroad.

Here is how we at Save the West grade the President and his administration’s performance to date:

1) Security Betrayal

The President is proposing to curb the purchase of firearms and ammunition by law-abiding citizens, which would be the first step to eventually leaving them unable to defend themselves, as guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights.


The President extended the flawed New START Nuclear Arms Treaty with Russia, without requiring any preconditions or improvements.









The President did not challenge China militarily for increasingly invading the airspace surrounding Taiwan.


The President did not challenge Iran for accelerating plans to produce nuclear weapons and ICBMs. He still seeks to negotiate with Iran to renew the fatally flawed JCPOA.


The President promised to leave Afghanistan on the anniversary of the tragic day of 9/11, handing victory to the Taliban Islamic terror organization, without any guarantees to prevent it from providing a base for international Islamist terrorists, such as al-Qaeda and ISIS.


The President did not authorize a military show of force to thwart Russian intimidation of our ally, Ukraine.


2) Cultural Betrayal

The President has done nothing to stop Marxist Critical Race Theory indoctrination and purposeful gender mis-education in either the government or in our schools.


The President has not accelerated the closing down of China’s corrupting Confucius Institutes in our schools.


Neither the President nor members of his administration have protested against, let alone taken legal action against, the social media companies for illegally suppressing Freedom of Speech.


The President did not stop Senate Democrats (the majority) from proposing new laws to subvert our culture and traditions. He even signed an Executive Order creating a Presidential Commission to study the possibility of unethically packing the Supreme Court. He also supports the Democrat leadership’s efforts to end the traditional Senate filibuster, which protects minority rights.

The President is also enabling a proposal for statehood status for the failing District of Columbia, which is the city of Washington, our nation’s capital.


And finally, the President supports federalizing the electoral process, which the Constitution specifically delegates to the States. Such a change would cast doubts on the integrity of all future federal and state elections, and would marginalize the Constitution itself.


3) Economic Betrayal

The President has not created a strategy to pressure China to stop stealing the intellectual property of our major corporations, which costs America $225 to $600 billion every year.


The President has violated the U.S. and international sanctions on Iran by not forcing China to stop buying close to 1,000,000 barrels of oil daily, thereby directly financing Iran, the number one terror organization in the world today.


The President opened our southern border to illegal migrants, allowing coyote traffickers working for Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCOs) and Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs) to extort $500 million monthly in transit fees from the migrants. The government is spending millions of dollars of American taxpayers’ money to tend to the hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants, who eventually will take jobs away from U.S. citizens.


4) Demographic Betrayal

The President and members of his administration invited illegal migrants from all over the world to swarm our borders, unleashing demographic and economic strife against our citizens along the border and throughout the homeland.

Without properly checking for COVID-19 infection, other communicable diseases, and proper identification, the Biden team is illegally transporting the unidentified illegals throughout the U.S., thereby endangering the health and safety of American citizens and communities, and prolonging the COVID pandemic.


The President has also prevented ICE agents from arresting and deporting illegal criminals throughout the U.S., thereby endangering countless communities. These communities are being forced to absorb the illegals and will eventually be forced to enable them to vote.


5) Legal Betrayal

The President has removed sanctions on the rogue International Criminal Court (ICC) so that it now can illegally investigate and prosecute American soldiers fighting terrorists abroad, and Israeli leaders, who defend Israel from terror organizations.


The President ordered the State Department to remove the ‘terrorist’ designation from the Iranian-backed Houthis, who have launched multiple drone and missile strikes deep into Saudi Arabia. These Houthi leaders have been stealing humanitarian aid from the starving Yemeni people and giving it to their own terrorists instead, while blaming the humanitarian crisis on the Saudis.


The President has authorized the FBI and DOJ to treat the so-called ‘white supremacists’ harshly, but has purposely not authorized the law enforcement agencies to round up the 99% of the violent terrorists identifying with the anarchist Antifa and Marxist BLM, who are attacking law enforcement, looting, and destroying our cities every night.


The President and his administration are not suing cities that have irrationally defunded their police forces, thereby endangering the security and civil rights of the population.


Final Grade:  FAILED!

We at Save The West give the Biden administration a failing grade of “F” in all these categories for dangerously failing to protect the United States, its interests, and the American people.

Does the President and his Administration purposely intend to betray the country and the American people? What are the Cabinet Secretaries’ role in this? What is the role of the Vice President? Where is the Vice President? Who is advising the President? Are Biden and his appointees not loyal to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness? Does the President intend to harm America and its people? Are there no patriotic Democrats left who can challenge these daily policy mistakes?

Without a rapid change of strategy, America faces clear existential risk from both internal and external enemies. Where are the traditional checks and balances? We the People must find them. Fast!

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