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PREVIEW – Biden’s Mistakes



Threat Analyst Ken Abramowitz is author of “The Multifront War

Editor: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, President, American Center for Democracy (ACD)

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The Biden Administration’s False Narratives and Web of Lies – Ken’s Thought of the Week

Why does the Biden Administration make so many mistakes every day, in both domestic and foreign policy? It is because the Biden Administration’s daily mistakes in domestic and foreign policy are staggering. He and his team live in a parallel universe, built on false narratives that are grounded in communist/socialist/progressive-regressive (Red), Islamist (Green), and globalist (Blue) discredited ideologies.

Let’s look at a few examples of these false narratives:

1) Fossil fuels produced by the U.S. are inherently dangerous because they produce carbon dioxide when extracted and used, thus, accelerating ‘global warming’ and endangering the planet. Therefore, domestic production, shipping, and consumption must be curbed. However, Biden and his “global warming cult” approve other countries’ drilling and shipping oil, though their methods are more polluting, cost more, and make us dependent on their whims. But paying the inflated oil prices demanded by our enemies, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and Qatar, is OK.

2) The sovereign borders of Ukraine and other European countries must be respected, even by Russia. But it’s OK for America’s southern border to be open to millions of unknown migrants from 160 countries. Letting some 2.5 million undocumented aliens into the country in 2021   aloneis OK. This is true, even though a significant number are unvaccinated, carrying COVID and other communicable diseases into our country. Even worse, some are smuggling poisonous drugs, such as fentanyl, and committing crimes throughout the country. But the Biden administration thinks that is OK, too.
3) Although we have declared that Iran is the number one state sponsor of terrorism and can never be allowed to get nuclear weapons, it is now not considered dangerous to allow them to develop nuclear weapons and produce ballistic missiles, as part of the updated JCPOA nuclear deal.

4) Removing the multitude of sanctions on Iran is a logical part of a potential new deal. Even though Iran promises “Death to America”, it is worth taking the risk. Although the Mullahs will use the billions of dollars we will give them to better arm its three worldwide terror organizations, with more than 400,000 combat ready-fighters, as well as narcotics smugglers and cultural terrorists, and that is still not an existential threat to America.

5) “Death to Israel”! Iran continuously vows to destroy Israel. But since the emotional, political, and military bond between the United States and Israel is so solid, and because Israel is so strong, there is no reason to worry about Iran developing nuclear weapons in 3-10 years.

6) We invested billions of dollars to build a useless Afghan military of 300,000 soldiers, and we claimed they would successfully fight the Taliban and keep ISIS and al-Qaeda at bay. However, the Afghan army did not want to fight the Taliban and collapsed like a house of cards, after America’s disgraceful withdrawal from the country.

7) Biden watched Russian troops surrounding Ukraine for several months, but sat on his hands. Why arm the small Ukrainian army when Russia will defeat them in 2-3 days anyway?

8) The equitable way to resolve the Israel-Palestinian dispute is to negotiate a “2-state solution”. This solution is fair and reasonable for all, even though Iran and its surrogates, Hamas and Hezbollah, would quickly take over a Palestinian state, terrorize the local population, and then ship in missiles to attack Israel, which would guarantee a full-scale war.

9) COVID killed one million Americans in the past 2 years. We still do not know where the virus originated. Besides, it is futile to examine the origins, even though it is becoming increasingly clear that it came from China’s Wuhan province, the home of the Wuhan Biological Institute lab. This lab just happened to be working on a gain of function virus research, partially financed by America’s NIH, under the direct or indirect supervision of Dr. Fauci.

10) Because there is so much misinformation in the world today, it is OK and even desirable for the large social media companies to silence alternative views on COVID origins, COVID treatments, November 3rd election fraud complaints, and January “insurrection” theories, among others. The writers of the Constitution did not really intend for the absolute protection of the freedom of speech at tumultuous times like this.

11) The so-called “insurrection” on January 6, 2021, violated all American laws and norms, and demands extensive examination. So it is acceptable to keep those arrested in jail without trial for well over a year, even though this is completely un-Constitutional. However, there is no need to examine the role of Speaker Nancy Pelosi for not calling up the 1,700 reserve Capitol police or the 10,000 National Guard troops that President Trump offered, or turning down the Capitol police chief’s six requests for reinforcements, or not investigating the four Capitol policemen who mysteriously committed ‘suicide’.

12) Election integrity is critically important to maintain the integrity of a constitutional republic. However, only the Federal government can be trusted with the responsibility to fix it, even though the Constitution says that the States have the responsibility to control the electoral process.

Due to the numerous false narratives that guide the Biden administration, it is incapable of managing the national security of America. When faced with reality, Biden and his team issue contradicting and confusing statements and often blatantly lie. The Biden administration’s lies and promotion of false narratives are destabilizing America and the world. Combine these with their incompetence, and you realize that the American people are facing the most dangerous national security challenge in the history of the country.