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Excerpt:  Throughout history, human sacrifice has been a real and devastating consequence of tyranny. Today it has appeared again in America.


Administration Revives Pagan Human Sacrifice – Ken’s Thought of the Week

Threat Analyst Ken Abramowitz is author of “The Multifront War

Editor: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, President, American Center for Democracy (ACD)

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Throughout history, numerous ancient pagan cultures practiced human sacrifice. Thousands of years ago, Egyptian, Chinese, and Canaanite tribes sacrificed children to various idols. In the 10th Century, Germanic tribes practiced human sacrifices, particularly on their enemies, as did the Aztecs in Mexico in the 15th Century.

Why did such barbaric actions take place? These sacrifices were accepted as appeasement of their pagan ‘gods’. They were appeals for protection from natural disasters, for victory in war, to celebrate a successful harvest, and more. Sometimes, the ancient leaders also used their power to extort money from the rich to buy their own freedom or that of their children. In the 20th Century, the Japanese military in WWII sacrificed Kamikaze pilots to launch suicide attacks on American ships, using their planes and their lives as weapons. During the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war, the Ayatollah Khomeini authorized the use of children to walk over mine fields ahead of the soldiers. Over 500,000 children were sacrificed in this way. Today, Islamist terror organizations sacrifice their vulnerable children, young men, and women as suicide bombers to intimidate and terrorize their enemies.

All these cruel cultures share certain characteristics. They have no respect for human rights, nor the Judeo-Christian culture of morality and conscience, nor Constitutional rights, and no respect for the G-d-given rights of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Has such primitive behavior been eliminated in the 21st Century? Let’s start looking at home, at some of the policies of the new, lawless Biden administration.

1) The President and members of his administration invited illegal immigrants to invade our southern border, including thousands of unaccompanied children, but then provided them with substandard and overcrowded border housing, insufficient healthcare, inadequate access to food and water, and criminally negligent supervision that left them vulnerable to physical and sexual assault.Moreover, they allowed an unknown number of criminals, drug traffickers, and terrorists into the country. They also released migrants into the country, adults and children alike, who were infected with COVID-19, thus spreading the virus to the American population. These migrants have apparently been chosen to be ‘sacrificed’ in order to advance the Democrat Party/Biden agenda of increasing the number of potential Democrat voters. In this way, they plan to utterly transform the United States from a Constitutional Republic to a neo-Marxist country.

2) Meanwhile, without the scientific evidence supporting the need for school closures, and replacing classroom learning with Zoom teaching, the mental health of America’s school-age children, as well as their education and future, are being ‘sacrificed’ by mostly Democrat mayors and governors. They have needlessly kept nearly 50% of schools closed, using online teaching instead, which is greatly inadequate, particularly for the bottom half of the class.

3) Excessive lock-downs have caused 25-35% of small businesses to close, thereby ‘sacrificing’ the financial well-being and future security of the families involved. As a result, drug use and suicides are rising rapidly, especially among the young.

4) Students in K-12 schools are subjected to government-sanctioned child abuse. This abuse is the result of indoctrination through false communist narratives about critical race theory, identity and gender theories, and inappropriate sex education. There is also a pattern of extreme distortion, revision, and disparagement of America’s history, its Constitution, and literature. 5) Students are being mis-educated relative to ‘gender fluidity‘ and they are unethically encouraged into dangerous sex-change medications and procedures, a modern and cruel form of child abuse.

6) The federal government is subsidizing colleges and universities through grants and tax exemption to engage in adult student abuse. They are allowing tenured professors to preach socialist, communist, and Islamist theories to indoctrinate our young people. As impressionable and vulnerable individuals, they lack the power to protect themselves from this intellectual and mental abuse.

7) Schools have forced female students to share bathrooms with boys and forced female athletes to compete with self-proclaimed ‘transgender’ female (biologically male) athletes.

8) The Biden Administration has been encouraging the ‘cancel-culture’ to dominate and intimidate the population. They utilize mainstream media and social media to act as enforcers, silencing and ‘sacrificing’ those who dare to speak up in favor of the universal human rights of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

It is disturbing that in the 21st century, human sacrifice has been revived by an alien-inspired, un-American culture of lawlessness. It is of paramount concern that this monstrous practice is being implemented by the regressive Biden administration.

When will the parents revolt? When will the students revolt? When will corporate America stand up to this immorality? When will the 95% law-abiding American citizens revolt? When will the courts protect the people? When  willthe Supreme Court defend the Constitution?

When will Congress stand up for traditional American principles? When will honest Democrats rise up and reclaim their party?

When will patriotic Republicans go on the offensive and sharpen their verbal attacks? What’s holding them back? Republicans must also hone their skills and use traditional media and social media outlets to better inform the public.

We all have lots of work to do. We must save America from the neo-Marxist Democrats and the Biden administration’s intentional abuse and sacrifice of both foreign and American youth. Let’s all get going now! It’s not too late!!

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