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PREVIEW: Democracies Should Protect Their People – Ken’s Thought of the Week

Threat Analyst Ken Abramowitz is author of “The Multifront War

Editor: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, President, American Center for Democracy (ACD)

“Man’s capacity for justice makes democracy possible, but man’s inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary.”

Karl Paul Reinhold Niebuhr,
Theologian & Political Commentator

Preview: Democracies Must Protect Their People – Ken’s Thought of the Week

Israel was surprised by Hamas’s sneak attack from Gaza on October 7. The US was as shocked by al Qaeda’s attack on The World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9/11/2001, as when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

We at Save The West identified eight common mistakes that led to these tragedies:

1) Democracies play Defense 98% of the time, while dictatorships play Offense 100% of the time

2) Democracies underestimate the evil and cruelty of their enemies.

(3) Populations in democracies are focused on families, jobs, education, and recreation, not on war.

4) The voters in democracies support candidates who offer simplistic, short-term solutions to profound long-term challenges. 5) Higher military expenditures are less popular than higher domestic spending and personal subsidies.

6) Politicians who discuss higher military spending usually scare the voters away.

7) Isolationist forces in opposition parties tend to moderate the more aggressive advocates of force.

8) All democracies are now fighting in World War III, but their military is still under the control of Defense Ministers instead of Ministers of War, as in World War II.


The following are several recent common mistakes by democratic countries:

1) Israel planned for the 35% probability of a three to seven-front war, but not for the 90% likelihood of such an eventuality.2) Israel underestimated the long-term corrosive atmosphere caused by terrorist-controlled schools and mosques in Gaza, Judea/Samaria, and eastern Jerusalem.

3) Israel gave away nearly all of its land buffer zones (Gaza, southern Lebanon, 40% of Judea/Samaria) in a delusional desire for peace with its sworn enemies.

4) The US planned for the 25% chance of a three-front war with Russia, Iran, and China, but not for the 75% chance of such a probability.

5) President Biden willingly opened southern and northern US borders in 2021 to three or  four million illegal and unvetted migrants from 170 countries a year. 6) The Biden administration allowed the establishment of Antifa and BLM militias. And it failed to stop the drug and human trafficking by Mexican drug cartels, Chinese (CCP) militias-in-formation, and Islamic Jihadists.

7) The European Union’s utopian “green energy” policies neglected sufficient investments in domestic and nuclear energy and caused a dependence on Russian natural gas.8) The European Union allowed the invasion of millions of illegal migrants from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia for over 20 years. Today, Muslims have reached nearly 10% of the population, producing three babies per family, gradually overtaking the declining Christian population, which produces only one baby per family.

9) Europe never tried to curb the antisemitic traits of the Muslims. Instead, it allowed their indoctrination in schools and mosques. This hatred of the Jews is now morphing into hostilities towards Christians and secular non-Muslims.Democracies suffer from weak, often Left and generally corrupt leadership, voted in by under-educated and Left-indoctrinated voters, who typically vote based on emotions, not rationality.

To save democracies, conservative parties should advocate and use the most advanced communication systems to deliver their simple political message to the voting public: “Choose Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”