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PREVIEW – Passover Warnings

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This week, Jews around the world will read the Haggadah that sets forth the order for re-telling the story of the Israelite’ escape from Egyptian slavery – approximately 3,350 years ago – to freedom. The biblical details are delineated in the Book of Exodus.

Here is a quick summary: Jacob’s youngest son Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers about 3,750 years ago. He miraculously found favor in the eyes of the Egyptian pharaoh by virtue of interpreting the King’s dreams, in which he forecast an impending famine. Pharaoh appointed Joseph as his viceroy to prepare for this famine by storing up grain. This policy saved Egypt for seven years until the famine ended. However, after the death of the King, a new King arose who did not remember what Joseph had done to save Egypt. The new King was afraid of Joseph’s growing and powerful family. He feared that they and the Jews that had joined them in Egypt might become a fifth column. He therefore enslaved the Jews, and they remained slaves for about 200 years.

Jewish baby Moses was adopted by the King’s daughter and was brought up in the royal palace. As he became an adult, he recognized his Jewish roots and led a revolt against the Egyptian pharaoh, demanding that the Jewish slaves be released – unconditionally. When Pharaoh refused to set the Jews free, G-d miraculously sent ten plagues to afflict the Egyptians, after which Pharaoh relented and allowed the Jewish slaves to go free. Under the leadership of Moses, they fled into the desert.

About two months later, Moses received the Ten Commandments on Mt Sinai, which were later developed into the Jewish code of law or Torah.

Moses continued to lead the Jews for 40 years until the actual conquest of the Promised Land by his handpicked successor, Joshua.

Here are some of the similarities to the challenges facing the Jewish people today:

1) The Haggadah reminds us that in every generation an enemy will arise that will seek the destruction of the Jews. Today Iran’s criminal and authoritarian regime has promised to kill all the Jews in Israel and then all the Jews in the World, as well as all other infidels.

2) Then, Jews were held as slaves in Egypt. On October 7, Iran’s proxy army Hamas took 240 Israelis as hostages and sex slaves.

3) Then, all the Jews who left Egypt were redeemed into freedom. Since October 7, about 112 hostages were released by Hamas. However, today 138 hostages are still held hostage in Gaza.

4) Then, all the decisions were made by an evil pharaoh. Today, all decisions for Iran and its proxies are made by the evil Supreme leader Ali Khamenei.5) Then, Moses was the leader of the new Jewish nation. Today, Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu is the leader of the Israelites. Though not perfect, both were and are the best leaders of their time.

6) Then, numerous members of the Jewish community complained to Moses regularly. Today, descendants of these Jews complain to Netanyahu regularly.

7) Then, there were numerous miracles from G-d, such as the parting of the Red Sea that facilitated the Jews’ escape from Egypt. Today, there are still miracles, as on April 14, when Iran fired 350 drones and missiles into Israel and 99% of them were shot down – and the only casualty was one Israeli girl.

8) Then, not all Jewish slaves took the opportunity to leave with Moses. Today, 50% of the Jewish population still live in the diaspora.

So what is the key lesson from Passover 3,350 years ago? The key lesson is that evil never rests and returns in every generation. Therefore, every generation must be prepared to fight the new generation of evil. Human nature has not changed over time.

We at Save the West wish a happy and safe Passover to our Jewish readers.

Next year in Jerusalem!