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PREVIEW – “THE SOROS AGENDA” – BOOK REVIEW  –  Ken’s Thought of the Week

Threat Analyst Ken Abramowitz is author of “The Multifront War

Editor: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, President, American Center for Democracy (ACD)


The Soros Agenda focuses on the challenges emanating mainly from George Soros and his globalist ideas and friends, who promote the concept of a World Government managed by expert bureaucrats who can manage the world’s problems for the theoretical benefit of all. This will be the “new world order.”

Soros and the globalists do not believe in or respect sovereign nations, claiming borders are unnecessary because they are anachronistic. Soros and the globalists do not respect religions, but they worship “CLIMATE,” the “Environment,” and other fads, and are working hard to create and impose their laws on all people but themselves.

In The Soros Agenda, author Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld tells how George Soros, who regards himself as a “great philosopher,” claims he is seeking a “global open society” but, in fact, promotes a closed society. He opposes American supremacy because he claims that “the main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” He is also against Capitalism, which allowed him to become a billionaire. Instead, he promotes neo-Socialism. He uses his money to promote globalist ideas and policies and works with other globalism promoters, such as the UN, the World Economic Forum, and the major social media companies. Soros is not alone. Many others promote the same agenda. But George Soros, whose foundations operate in at least 120 countries, is one of the most influential in this movement.                                                                                                              In this thoroughly documented book, Dr. Ehrenfeld describes a few key elements of Soros’ agenda:

Soros initiated and funded the movement to legalize all drugs, including marijuana and drug paraphernalia, which undermines the rule of law, as well as the mental and physical well-being of the citizenry.             In the US, Soros supports the election of rogue District Attorneys (DAs) and State General Attorneys who are soft on crime, thus undermining the rule of law and favor criminals. And he supports open borders and illegal migration in the US and Europe.

Soros was born to Jewish parents, but claims that he is agnostic and anti-Zionist. He and his son Alexander claim the Jews do not have a right to their own country. Like the Palestinians and other Israel haters, they blame Israel for Arab terrorism and deny Israel’s right to employ pre-emptive actions to defend itself. Ehrenfeld documents his funding to anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian groups who falsely claim to defend “human rights.”

Through his “charitable” foundations, Soros has been spending billions of dollars to re-make society into a globalist, neo-Socialist, woke body, through think tanks, university support, and student education everywhere. In the US he has been the biggest funder of the Democrat Party and heavily influences the Biden Administration’s domestic and foreign policies.

Unfortunately, these policies transcend George Soros himself. All readers interested in the threat of woke, neo-globalism will quickly discover that The Soros Agenda provides a serious and clear analysis of the complex threat. Indeed, The Soros Agenda is a must- read!