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Guest Op-Ed: How the Ukraine crisis is Affecting the State of...

Israel finds itself in a quandary between the plight of Ukrainian Jews and its dependence on vital Russian resources.

Guest Op-Ed: How Hamas and the Palestinian Authority Mistreat Palestinian...

The conditions in Palestinian hospitals are deplorable. Doctors in the Palestinian Authority want to improve the medical system, but the Palestinian Authority is holding them back.

Op-Ed: Israel: Not Refuge but Restoration

Israel is not about refuge. Israel is about restoration of justice and fulfillment of Biblical prophecies. Israel is the greatest restoration story ever told.

Op Ed: Fighting Russia Til the Last Ukrainian

Putin is a monster, putting Russian imperial interests above the cost of human lives. American politicians should be the opposite! They should put American values, Biblical values, where the highest value is a human life.

Op-Ed: Will Qatar join the Abraham Accords?

Qatar’s Foreign Minister ruled out normalization with Israel. But Qatar, more than any other country, needs the Abraham Accords agreement. What will they do?

Op-Ed: What Will the Countries in the Abraham Accords Do...

The Arab states and Israel understand that they need each other against a nuclear Iran. They see Iran as the enemy of all of them. This makes the Abraham Accords stronger.

Op-Ed: Bad Guys in Green, Red and Blue Hats: Existential...

Making a satire about the cancel culture, or Russia, or China has become a dangerous business where the creator become his own victim. There are no honest filmmakers anymore.

Op-Ed: Putin Repeats Stalin’s Blunders

Putin is not an obsessed ideologue bent on turning the world communist. But his paranoid secretiveness, even from his own spies, has lead Russia into disaster.

Op-Ed: Putin’s Choices Are Poor

Russia's war against Ukraine will be a painful lesson. Accustomed to easy remote victories, they have already forgotten about their losses Afghanistan and Chechnya.

Op-Ed: Putin Will Go But Russia’s Interests Will Remain

the Biden administration has created another Arab Spring, another failed bloody mess, this time on the borders of Eastern Europe.