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PREVIEW: Soros Book Review

Threat Analyst Ken Abramowitz is author of “The Multifront War

Editor: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, President, American Center for Democracy (ACD)

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PREVIEW: “The Soros Agenda” Book Review-Ken’s Thought of the Week

America is confronting three totalitarian ideologies from the Reds (communists), Greens (Islamists), and the Blues (globalists). This special book on “The Soros Agenda” focuses on the challenges emanating from the Globalists.

Globalists believe in the concept of a World government, managed by experts and deep thinkers, who can solve problems on a worldwide basis, for the theoretical benefit of all. Globalists do not believe in or respect sovereign nations, as such views are too self-centered and provincial. Globalists also do not respect religions, as they cling to an unknown God. In their reality, Globalists want to create their own laws and then replace God with themselves!

In this book, author Dr Rachel Ehrenfeld states that George Soros regards himself as a “great philosopher” who seeks a “global open society”, which some people call “the great reset” or “the new world order”. He believes in Globalism, because it also undermines the “now unnecessary national sovereignty of countries”. He is a particular opponent of American supremacy.

Although he is one of the most vocal and best-known supporters of Globalism, he is not unique in his views. There are many other well-known believers in Globalism in the UN, the World Economic Forum, and the major social media companies as well. Although it can be convenient to accuse George Soros of leading this movement, there are numerous other leaders and financial backers in this cause, as well.

In this unusually well documented book, Dr Ehrenfeld highlights six key elements of Globalism:

1) The legalization of drugs, including marijuana, Illicit heavy drugs, and drug paraphernalia as well, all of which undermine the rule of law, as well as the mental well-being of the citizenry.

2) Support for District Attorneys (DAs) that are soft on crime, and often even favor the rights of criminals, further undermining the rule of law.

3) Support for open borders, as sovereignty is an “anachronistic concept.”

4) Support for anti-Israel policies, as if Jews do not have a right to their own country, through their belief in Zionism. Israel is often blamed for Arab terrorism, and Israel does not have the right to employ preemptive actions to defend itself.

5) The right to mold society to the beliefs of Globalists through think tanks, university support, student education, and influence lobbying of the Democrat party and the Biden Administration.

6) The right to use all forms of cultural warfare and disinformation techniques to undermine duly elected governments. In net, these policies transcend George Soros himself. Soros is just a convenient lightning rod.

Behind these thoughts are an army of believers and a long array of foreign adversaries that are taking advantage of these thoughts for their own gain. All readers interested in the threat of Globalism will quickly discover that this new book must be read and internalized by all serious analysts of this subject!

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