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The American Constitution is rapidly disappearing from the public sphere after only 233 years. The survival of the freest country in the world is at stake.
.By Rachel Avraham In recent years, the Druze have been making inroads and obtaining high level government posts. Part of the reason why so many Druze have been succeeding in Israeli politics is because of their loyalty to the State...
The Druze of Israel suffered greatly during the middle years of their history in what is now Israel, until the creation of the Jewish state, when everything changed.
The speech that President Biden gave at the UN on September 21 was shallow and meaningless. It demonstrated the weakness of our leadership on the world stage.
The story of the friendship between the Druze and the Jews began several thousand years ago when Moseshelped Zipporah at the well. This is the first part of a 3-part series on this long and special friendship.
America will never forget what happened on 9/11. But we already seem to have forgotten the key lessons of of that awful day.
Who are the Afghan 'refugees' whom we are bringing to our country? Do they pose a danger to America?
It took only eight months for the Biden Administration to convert America, the greatest force of 'good' in the world, into a force of 'evil'.
President Biden and his Administration have caused tremendous damage to America's credibility and influence in the world. Can he keep America safe?
The author explains why it is indisputable that Bennett betrayed the Israeli people and deceived Yamina voters with broken promises and lies.