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Excerpt:  It is clear that the 2020 election was compromised. What should President Trump do to when his election was marred by massive fraud?

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It is crisis time in Washington, crisis time for the whole country, and crisis time for our republic and democracy.

The election results of November 3rd have still not been accurately determined in six key swing states, even after one month of re-counting. There is considerable evidence of massive voting irregularities. Many of the irregularities in these states are similar and therefore highly indicative of a nationally managed conspiracy. These irregularities included: inadequate or lack of signature matching, double votes, votes from deceased voters, late votes, double counted Biden votes, more ballots than registered voters, votes by felons and non-citizens, unfolded mail-in ballots, underage voters,  backdated ballots, broken chain of custody for ballots, unmonitored ballot drop boxes, ballots with only Biden’s name, votes counted after Republican poll watchers had been barred, ballots from people who had moved out of the state, ballots shipped in after the deadline from neighboring states, and Biden ballots counted multiple times.

President Trump seems to have generated at least 74 million votes, 11 million more than four years earlier. Biden generated an incredible 81 million votes, more than 15 million more than for Clinton and Obama in their previous elections. President Trump’s lawyers argue that the Biden campaign stole or flipped 2-7 million votes, aided by Dominion voting machines and easily hackable Smartec and other software. As more data emerges, it is increasingly likely that President Trump won the electoral college vote and may even have won the popular vote. So what should President Trump do when his job as President is challenged by massive voting irregularities and the Electoral College vote on December 14 is just one week away?

1) Trump should immediately appoint Vice President Pence to also be his Chief Operating Officer (COO), as is common in major corporations with far fewer employees. After the President makes his decisions, the Vice President should follow up to make sure that the decisions have been implemented.

2) Trump should immediately appoint a Domestic Security Advisor (DSA) to work with his National Security Advisor (NSA), to improve coordination among both domestic and foreign security agencies.

3) Trump’s legal team should present the over 1,000 signed affidavits attesting to voter fraud to the respective state supreme courts and then the Supreme Court, or ask the state legislatures to get directly involved in the Electoral College voting process. If a full hearing cannot be arranged in time for the Supreme Court, Trump should insist that the Electoral College delay its voting by one week, to match the one week delayed voting timetable that many Democrat states adopted due to their concerns over Covid-19.

4) Trump should protect future elections from similar fraud, particularly with the upcoming January 5th Senatorial elections in Georgia. He should issue an Executive Order to immediately criminalize the use of voting machines and software that have any foreign components. He should also ban the use of the Internet to prevent hacking the system and altering the votes. No politician should be allowed to work for or own a share of any voting systems company. The DOJ should appoint a new Special Counsel to examine the systemic voter fraud in the 2020 national election, focusing on who instructed the election officials in six swing states to stop counting ballots around 11pm on election day, when President Trump was clearly winning.

5) Trump should immediately replace the senior management of the domestic security agencies that failed miserably in the past year: FBI, DOJ, DHS, Treasury, as well as the CIA that evidently did not detect the foreign interference into our electoral process.

6) Trump should maximize the number of new policy initiatives in the final six weeks of his first term. The Treasury Department should defund all sanctuary cities and states, as well as any jurisdiction that defunds the police force. Treasury should also remove the tax-exempt status of all not-for-profit foundations that are involved in politics. It should also ban donations from foreign countries to institutions of higher education. It should remove the tax exempt status of major universities that have transformed themselves from educational organizations into political organizations.7) Trump should instruct the Education Department to immediately forbid the use of Federal financing for any school that uses any K-12 textbooks that are owned or published by foreign entities or imported from foreign countries. 75% of the department budget should be redirected into school choice vouchers for students who seek to escape inadequate and poorly managed public schools.

8) Antifa, BLM, and the Muslim Brotherhood affiliates should be designated domestic and foreign terrorist organizations. Treasury, State, and the Commerce Departments should also work together to increase sanctions on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for its role in spreading Covid-19  and for illegally breaking its 1984 treaty with the United Kingdom to preserve Hong Kong’s autonomy until 2047. They should also increase sanctions on the Iranian government for continuing to develop its nuclear weapons program and sponsoring the largest physical, political, and narco terror organization in the world.

9) Trump should instruct the DOJ to investigate and indict those Post Office employees who engaged in voter fraud in 2020. It should also investigate and then indict the mainstream media and social media companies for illegally interfering in the 2020 election, by censoring Republican views, as well as manipulating their systems, and curbing the freedom of speech of patriotic Americans who believe in the Constitution.  Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act, should no longer protect media companies from libel.

10) Trump should increase the Federal Marshal program to complement local police forces, particularly in Democrat-run cities that defund the police and release criminals into the public before they serve their sentences.

There is a lot of work to do in six weeks to win the presidency for the next four years and to save and protect the free and fair voting system of the USA, the beacon of democracy to the world. President Trump has a basic responsibility to manage a government dedicated to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

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