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Threat Analyst Ken Abramowitz is author of “The Multifront War

Editor: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, President, American Center for Democracy (ACD)

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The White House recently released its 2022 version of the country’s National Security Strategy. The report emphasized the challenges posed by China and Russia. It vowed to maintain the U.S. competitive edge, build a robust coalition with our allies, and modernize the military. It also highlighted the inherent competition and tension between Democracies and Dictatorships and pledged to call out and protect human rights worldwide. However, lost in these generalities were 15 glaring deficiencies, mis-characterizations, and omissions:1) There was no mention of the disastrous implications of the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

2) No acknowledgment was made that the U.S. is fighting three different types of enemies, namely, the authoritarian Reds (China, Russia, and North Korea), the Islamist Greens (Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood, financed by Turkey and Qatar), and the globalist Blues (UN, World Economic Forum, and drug cartels), and not a word about the occasional marriage of convenience among these groups.

3) Although strategies to confront the Reds are mentioned, there was no discussion on how to face the Greens and Blues.

4) There was no discussion on how to confront, confine, and defeat Iran’s leadership that controls its three separate terror organizations or how to stop the 400,000 terrorists that operate the physical, cultural, and narco-terror groups worldwide.

5) There was no discussion about strengthening and expanding the Abraham Accords between Israel and its Sunni Muslim neighbors.

6) There was no mention of restoring the fast-declining Constitutional rights of Americans to free speech and bear arms and the fast-growing systemic discrimination against whites (primarily males), Christians, and Jews.

7) There was nothing about the declining state of American education. No strategies were proposed to improve student learning capabilities, which declined due to the Covid-19 lock-downs and the infiltration of Communist/woke Critical Race and Critical Gender studies.

8) There was no discussion of the shameful terror designation by the Department of Justice of patriotic Republicans and parents in general, protesting our schools’ Communist/Woke takeover.9) Nothing was proposed to ascertain the origins of the Covid-19 virus and the role of China.

10) Nothing was offered about the need to enforce the Monroe Doctrine of 1823 and protect Latin America from invasion by our enemies.

11) There was no discussion of handling the existential threats posed by more than five million illegal migrants, including unknown numbers of terrorists, sex offenders, pedophiles, murderers, and other criminals from 160 countries, that crossed the borders in the past two years, and the millions more on their way to our unprotected southern border.

12) There was no analysis of the existential threat to Israel from a Palestinian terror state on its border, and its activists, mostly on university campuses, whose anti-Semitic and racial incitements also pose a national security threat to the U.S.

13) There was no mention of the existential threats facing Christians worldwide, particularly in the Middle East and Africa.

14) There was no emphasis on the need to fully arm Taiwan to deter China’s illegal takeover of this independent country.

15) There was no discussion of the need to raise military spending close to 10% annually to offset inflation and upgrade all key military branches.

This reckless report highlights the monumental incompetence of the Administration’s national security team and the need to fire and replace most of them. A responsible administration would have never published such a faulty National Security Strategy. Is there a chance the Biden administration replaces its national security team with a patriotic staff capable of protecting the U.S. from all enemies, foreign and domestic? Don’t hold your breath.


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