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VIDEO: SaveTheWest.com sent a “Non-Living American” to the Univ. of Virginia...

Meet "Emmett Croaker," SaveTheWest.com's representative Non-Living American. Emmett recently visited the University of Virginia to hand out literature about our new "social justice" campaign, "The Coalition for Non-Living Americans," to stand up for the right of dead voters.

Video: “Coalition fro Non-Living Americans”

Watch this short video to learn how you can help SaveTheWest's debut social justice campaign, to combat discrimination against America's last marginalized voting minority!

Research file: Harassment of social justice warriors who are registering Non-Living...

A compilation of news stories describing how social justice warriors are being harassed, investigated and prosecuted, due to unjust, "deceased-ophobic" laws that claim only living U.S. citizens are eligible to vote.

Research file: Harassment of social justice warriors who are trying to...

A potpourri of articles about the mean-spirited extremists who insist only U.S. citizens should be allowed to vote in our elections (and only once each), and are harassing the social justice warriors who disagree.