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The HuffPost-ization of the Democratic Party is nearly complete

On Tuesday, June 26, 2018, mainstream American politics was rocked, by the victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a self-professed socialist with no political experience, over veteran Congressman Joe Crowley, in a Queens, NY Democratic primary contest.

But is this really such an outlier?  No.  Consider the fact that until the spring of 2016, Sen. Bernie Sanders, the socialist from Vermont, was on track to win the Democratic nomination for president — until Hillary Clinton conspired with the DNC to employ underhanded tactics to derail his ascent.  Further consider the fact that to this day, the only question regarding ideology that remains on the U.S. immigration application that is an instant disqualifier is whether the applicant is or has ever been a member of the communist party — the root of which is socialism.

Socialism should be the widely-known, easily-discredited political ideology in the world.  Its history of murder, war, oppression, racism, destruction and poverty is so well documented, so self-apparent, that every child age 12 and up in Western societies, and certainly in America, should be well acquainted with the basics:

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And yet, not only are the vast majority of our adults unfamiliar with these facts, they have been infused with the belief — mostly through our “educational” institutions — that socialism leads to prosperity, justice, and is the moral, natural order of civilized societies.  Consider:

  • When “The Communist Manifesto” became the most-assigned “economics” textbook on U.S. college campuses, assigned by “professors” more than twice as frequently as any other book, was happening, where was the GOP, and its allied organizations?
  • When x was happening, where was the GOP?
  • When x was happening, where was the GOP?
  • And now that our children were being taught that America’s police officers, soldiers and Border Patrol and ICE officers are Nazi-like monsters, rather than the heroes that the overwhelming majority of them are, where is the GOP? Nowhere.

So it can’t be too surprising that, without any substantive, focused, principled, relentless opposition, socialism, and now, violent tribalism, are taking deep root in American culture, particularly among the young, most of whom are unaware of any opposing view.

But why now?  Why is it happening so rapidly, at this particular moment in time?  And why is it being fueled with so much

There are certainly numerous facets to this problem, and there is no single, all-encompassing answer.

HuffPost: “To remake the Democratic Party from the outside in, not the inside out”

There is, however, one force in American zeitgeist that has been doing more than any other to advance these fundamentally anti-freedom, anti-civil, anti-reality and anti-American narratives, and incite the very hate and violence that we are now witnessing: The Huffington Post.