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Urgent: Beef-up Domestic Security Now! – Ken’s Thought of the Week



..Threat Analyst Ken Abramowitz is author of “The Multifront War

Editor: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, President, American Center for Democracy (ACD)

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During the past 4 years, President Donald Trump decisively restructured his national security team to carry out his foreign policy. The National Security Council has been streamlined and is in good hands. Even the State Department finally acts in the interests of the United States. We have a new Space Force. DOD spending has increased sharply and approaches $750 billion annually. The ISIS caliphate is largely gone, Iran’s activities are curtailed, and China is facing international opposition.

In contrast, however, as highlighted in my newly released book, “The Multifront War“, the domestic national security apparatus has not been fixed. The FBI was part of the illegal coup attempt against Trump, but none of the major players were punished. The FBI still employs many Obama appointees, including many senior level officials who played a role in the attempted coup. Attorney General Barr is very good, but many of his staff members were hired by the previous administration, and they have been slowing down the investigations related to the attempted coup.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper opposes the President on the internal use of troops, which the President Trump has the right to use under the Insurrection Act. Democrat Governors and Mayors are not protecting the Constitutional rights of the law abiding citizens (95% of the population). Yet, President Trump, for now, chose to not federalize the National Guard and send them to stop the violence and rioting in mostly “anarchist” states.

How should President Trump prepare for November 4 to pre-empt or counteract potential left-wing violence, particularly in Democrat-run cities? The following actions should have been taken before the election and, if they weren’t, they should be taken now. The President should:

1) Appoint a Domestic Security Advisor (DSA) to work with the National Security Advisor.

2) Appoint a chief director of Cultural (Constitutional) Security to work under the DSA.

3) Designate Antifa and BLM domestic and/or foreign terror organizations. And for the more than 400 affiliated groups (some of which are also linked with Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which is already designated a terror organization by the U.S. and Israel), freeze their funds and issue arrest warrants for their leaders.

4) Announce a zero tolerance policy for violence. As a preventive measure, the President should be prepared to federalize all law enforcement agencies (as authorized by the Insurrection Act), including state and city police and/or national guard units on November 4, if local leaders lose control.

5) Authorize the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to immediately order the deployment of a recent innovation from Israel: ‘Skunk Water‘ to spray on violent rioters and looters, in order to neutralize them without harming them.

6) Make sure federal prisons can handle the many thousands of potential new inmates following the election.

7) In addition to limiting foreign cyber attacks and social media interference by China, Russia, Iran and others, agents of these countries who are operating in the US should be identified and expelled. The President should use his Executive Power and all legal means at his disposal to prevent foreign interference in the world’s leading democracy.

The President should put down any post-November 4 insurrection immediately and forcefully, but with a minimum loss of life and property. Get ready now!

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