HuffPost’s relentless efforts to do PR for — and protect — Islamist propagandist Linda Sarsour



Executive summary

Who is Linda Sarsour?

What her supporters (including HuffPost) say about her

The real Linda Sarsour: A violence-threatening fake feminist, Islamist apologist, and anti-Semite

HuffPost’s effort to act as Sarsour’s PR agency

HuffPost’s refusal to expose Sarsour for who, and what, she really is — climaxing with her role in allegedly covering up a sexual harassment and assault scandal at the nonprofit she runs

Search “Cover up for sexual harassment” at HuffPost and dozens of articles come up in which it fervently exposes and condemns those who in any way participate in, or protect those who engage in sexual harassment.

Yet one story, and one name, is noticeably missing: Linda Sarsour: