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Only Obama could make me want Bibi


The following is an excerpt of an editorial by SaveTheWest contributor Doug Altabef that first appeared in the Times of Israel in February 2015.  Altabef is a retired American financial adviser from New York, who now lives in Israel.

Let me get right to the punchline: I am voting for Bibi in the upcoming election.

Now for the commentary: I am not a big Bibi fan.

Bibi during OPE
Netanyahu during Operation Protective Edge (July 2014; photo by IDF).

I used to be a bigger fan, but I have discovered that there is what I would call an action gap: big talk, little follow through.  I have still not forgiven Bibi for his incredibly bone-headed public embrace of the so-called two state solution. I still am scratching my head over the protracted “boy crying wolf” threats to stop Iran that went exactly nowhere.

I am still in disbelief at our craven desire for ceasefires during Operation Protective Edge that resulted in a large percentage of Israeli losses during that war.

And yet, I have come to realize that each of these sins has a common thread: they were either caused or exacerbated by enormous pressure coming from the Obama Administration, specifically the President himself.

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