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Kenneth Abramowitz is the President and founder of SaveTheWest.com. Learn more about his professional background and philanthropic efforts at "About Our Founder."

The Butcher of Ukraine – Ken’s Thought of the Week

Putin underestimated Ukrainian comedian-turned-President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian people's resolve for independence. It may have been his worst blunder.

Time to Remember President Reagan’s Shining City on the Hill –...

Has the Biden administration lost its pride in our in America's exceptionalism? If so, what can We the People do about it? Ken has some ideas that could make a real difference.

U.S. Progressives Reject The 10 Commandments – Ken’s Thought of the...

'Progressives' pretend to help Americans by extending free benefits, but we Americans pay for those 'gifts' with sky-high inflation and the loss of our freedom.

Remembering MLK’s Vision of a Color Blind Society – Ken’s Thought...

Dr. King preached tolerance and brotherhood at a time when racist hate prevailed. He was a champion of peaceful protests and a country free of racial division and hatred.

National Security Challenges Abound in 2022 – Ken’s Thought of the...

President Biden's weakness has put our nation at great risk. How can we prevent the catastrophe ahead when he refuses to acknowledge that the threat is even there?

Remembering Pearl Harbor, But Not the Lessons – Ken’s Thought of...

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor prompted the U.S. participation in World War II. Could America have been better prepared and saved the lives of millions of people?

The Lessons of Kristallnacht – Ken’s Thought of the Week

Anti-Semitism has been growing at an alarming rate around the world, and in the United Nations. When anti-Semitism goes unpunished, it always leads to violence, first against Jews, and then against Christians. This must stop now!

Administration Challenging China as Largest Human Rights Violator – Ken’s Thought...

The Biden administration's heavy-handed misuse of its political power and has put the U.S. on the road to rivaling China as a major violator of human rights.

Respecting the Torah vs Respecting the Constitution – Ken’s Thought of...

The American Constitution is rapidly disappearing from the public sphere after only 233 years. The survival of the freest country in the world is at stake.

Biden’s UN Speech: False Promises & Meaningless Platitudes – Ken’s Thought...

The speech that President Biden gave at the UN on September 21 was shallow and meaningless. It demonstrated the weakness of our leadership on the world stage.