Title: Cultural Safety Has Domestic and Foreign Challenges: Ken’s Thought of the Week

Excerpt: This week, Ken follows up on previous articles, with recommendations for both domestic and international advisers for both the Red and Green Task Forces.

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By Ken Abramowitz

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We recently proposed that President Trump establish Red and Green Task Forces to focus “Whole-of-Government” resources on confronting our numerous enemies/”frenemies”/competitors/adversaries in a holistic manner

The Red Task Force Needs Direction: Ken’s Thought of The Week

The Green Task Force Needs Direction: Ken’s Thought of the Week

We also proposed that President Trump establish a new position: White House Special Advisor on Cultural Safety:

Cultural Advisor Crucial to National Security: Ken’s Thought Of The Week

This new job is necessary to provide the intellectual “glue” to hold these two vital Task Forces together. Under the Special Advisor on Cultural Safety, one deputy would be assigned to each of the two task forces.

Since the president is constitutionally responsible to protect America from all enemies, foreign and domestic, we are now proposing to create four additional new jobs: Under each Special Advisor there should be two deputies, one each for domestic and international cultural safety.

Why? Because over the years, our national security agencies have increasingly focused on foreign enemies, neglecting our domestic enemies. We seem to be living under the illusion that foreign enemies will exist only outside our borders, and not try to infiltrate U.S. soil or territories. Many still continue to hold to the illusion that since foreign enemies are primarily physical in nature, domestic enemies are also primarily physical.

Our domestic enemies are primarily cultural in nature. Thus, we must dramatically expand our understanding of cultural warfare. This is what our Red and Green Task Forces should do, to better protect America.

Austin, TX: The Red Guards, an armed revolutionary communist group; Its LA chapter is on record as saying, “If any one, especially leadership, promises you a frictionless, peaceful transition from capitalism to socialism, they should be shot dead where they stand, right then and there, for they are traitors to the revolution and dangerous peddlers of poison.”

For example, our Red Task Force’s cultural deputies should consider several complex issues:

(1) How is China infiltrating and undermining America?

(2) How could we best undermine the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)?

(3) How is Russia infiltrating and undermining our country?

(4) How could we best undermine Russia?

(5) How do we undermine Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea?

(6) How are leftist organizations, such as ANTIFA and George Soros’s Open Society Foundations and their domestic partners, undermining American values?

A Muslim protest in Germany, 2017.

Meanwhile, the Green Task Force’s cultural deputies should consider:

(1) How is Iran financing cultural terror in the U.S., Africa and Latin America?

(2) How is the Muslim Brotherhood and its front organizations (such as CAIR) trying to undermine our Constitution, while advancing Sharia law on U.S. soil?

(3) How are Islamist ideas penetrating our elementary and high schools and universities?

(4) Who and what is behind growing anti-Semitism and anti-Christian behavior that is undermining America’s Judeo-Christian traditions?

(5) What steps could we take to eliminate foreign financing of our universities, just as we do for political campaigns?

While white nationalists and neo-Nazis also present direct threats to Americans, neither of these groups have the mass followings that the Reds and the Greens enjoy, or the explicit intent to overthrow the American government, like they do.  Despite this, our government must continue to be vigilant to root out and stop the hate and terrorism that these groups perpetrate.

We must learn to protect Americans both physically and culturally.  Both are equally important.

Let’s get going!

White nationalists at the University of Virginia, August 2017

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