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The Red Task Force Needs Direction: Ken’s Thought of The Week



By Ken Abramowitz

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We recently discussed the need for President Trump to set up two more “Whole-Of-Government” task forces, modeled on the successful coronavirus task force, ably headed by Vice President Mike Pence. To recap:

Red Task Force: Communist and socialist dictatorships (China, North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba, and authoritarian Russia)

Green Task Force: Islamist dictatorships of all variants (Iran; the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey and Qatar, ISIS and Al Qaeda, plus Saudi Arabia (though reforming); Domestically (CAIR/MB)

President Trump should:

  • Define the direction for these task forces
  • Decide the key experts and representatives that will constitute each one
  • Present the key questions that must be answered
  • Demand a winning strategy to defeat both the Reds and the Greens

The key representatives on the task force must be experts in all elements of “unrestricted” war:

  • Physical/kinetic warfare
  • Biological & chemical warfare
  • Cyber warfare
  • Cultural warfare
  • Economic warfare
  • Legal warfare (“lawfare”)
  • Demographic warfare
  • Potential domination of international organizations such as the United Nations (UN), its subsidiary, the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Trade Organization, and others
Chinese President Xi Jinping This week, Ken explains why President Trump needs to appoint a Red Task Force as soon as possible, what its mission should be, and the questions it will work to answer(photo: USA Today/AP)

At this moment, the Red and Green task forces are equally important. However, just focusing on the Reds for now, President Trump must order it to focus on known current threats, and likely future threats. For example:

  1. Why did China delay telling the world about COVID-19 for two months?
  2. Did China deliberately inflict this biological pandemic on the world?
  3. How should we punish China’s Communist Party (CCP) for mishandling COVID-19?
  4. What is China’s strategy to become the dominant economic and military power in the world by 2049*? (*The 100th anniversary of Chinese Communist Party, which was founded in 1949. 2049 is a very important date for them, and the CCP leadership refers to it often in terms of planning timelines.)
  5. How is China trying to take over major world organizations?
  6. Is China’s Belt and Road Initiative an economic bear hug on 138 countries?
  7. How do we protect Taiwan and Hong Kong from Chinese aggression?
  8. Is Russia using KGB techniques to undermine the major democracies?
  9. How are North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba being manipulated by China and Russia?
  10. How are the autocratic Red countries working with the autocratic Green countries and terror organizations, to confront and undermine the democracies and the 50% of the world’s population who live there?

As these questions are answered, President Trump (and his successors) must set the strategic direction for the Red Task Force, such as:

  • Do we want to win or tie?
  • Do we want regime change in North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba? (Yes)
  • Do we want regime change in China and Russia? (Maybe)
  • Should we quietly undermine China and Russia? (Yes)
  • Should we encourage, tangibly incentivize, or require American companies to move manufacturing capabilities back to the U.S., particularly for pharmaceuticals and medical supplies? (Yes)
  • Should we allow U.S. pension funds to invest in Chinese stocks that are not regulated by the S.E.C.? (No)
  • Should we take over or otherwise undermine international organizations such as the U.N. and its related agencies? (Yes)
  • Will the Reds try to take advantage of the COVID-19 crisis to test or undermine us? (Yes)
  • Should both the Red and the Green task forces report directly to the President? (Yes, but through one leader like VP Pence, or another well known administration official)

Let’s go!

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