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TITLE: Ken’s Thought Of The Week: The urgent need to complete Brexit

U.K. Prime Minister Teresa May recently announced her resignation, to take effect June 7, after two years of mismanaging the Brexit process. Americans don’t seem to care about Britain’s presumed exit from the European Union (E.U.). But it is important to U.S. national security.

The key reason is that the E.U. is a quasi-democratic autocracy/bureaucracy ruling over 450 million people in 27 countries, and for now, also the United Kingdom. This brief video explains the nature of Brexit, and the controversy surrounding it:

The E.U. was originally set up as a trade customs union, but morphed into one with common currency, and collective laws. These laws usually usurped the powers and sovereignty of the member countries, and the citizens who elected their leaders — and instead, put power into the hands of an unelected bureaucracy of leftist and pro-Islamist politicians. Read more here.

Eastern European leaders see this as a problem, and are distancing themselves from the impending Western European disaster. The influx of more than 3 million Muslim migrants over the past five years into Western European Christian democracies has caused enormous problems, as many, if not most, partially or totally reject liberal Western values. These problems are well-documented, but are often denied by the bureaucrats who authorized this influx of those with anti-Western attitudes, and are suppressed by European governments and “news” organizations.

There is a still deeper level to this migration crisis, which terrorism researchers and the U.S. Department of Justice have identified. As cited by researcher Bill Warner:

To understand Islamic migration today, it is imperative to understand the concept of hijra. The hijra dates to the time of Mohammed when he left Mecca and moved to Medina where he became a warlord and politician. Mohammed’s migration, or hijra, is so important to the success of Islam that it is the basis for the Islamic calendar.

Hijra is a form of soft jihad and is quite effective for spreading Islam. Al Qaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki stated, referring to doctrine: “Jihad today is obligatory on every capable Muslim…it is your duty to find ways to practice it and support it.” He then lists 44 ways to support jihad. In #36 Preparing for Hijrah, al-Awlaki quotes Mohammed: “Hijrah does not stop as long as there is an enemy to fight”. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Al Qaeda 9/11 mastermind, said, “the practical way to defeat America is through immigration and “outbreeding non-Muslims”. These jihadists are not creating new ideas. They are repeating 1400 year old doctrine.

Human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former Muslim from Somalia who refused an arranged marriage to take place in Canada, but requested asylum in Holland, explains in this short video the threat to Western freedom by radical Islamists, who are being imported by EU politicians, by the thousands. Specifically, Ayaan asks why the most influential supposed feminist groups are silent on this issue — at best:

Today, Western Europe hosts a Muslim population of 5-10%, or 25-35 million people, which, through child-bearing, grows 3-5% annually — while the Christian population contracts 0.5-1% each year. If this pace keeps up, by 2050, the Christian population of Western Europe will decline from 90% today to 70%, then to 40% by 2100.

For the U.K. to escape the decline of Western Civilization in Western Europe, via Brexit, combined with rational immigration strategies, can save Britain from this same fate.

It is not in the U.S.’s interest to witness the loss of 65 million Brits from our successful Western culture. The U.K. is our “mother ship.” We must encourage them to save themselves by simply picking an exit date, and then leaving the dying, suicidal Western Europe.

A free trade agreement with the U.S. and the British Commonwealth countries could help alleviate the pain of a hard Brexit.

Hopefully, a new strong British prime minister will emerge to engineer this exit, save the U.K, and strengthen Western Civilization.

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