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Dr Dmitry Radyshevsky is a Moscow-born Harvard-educated Israeli-American theologian, political analyst and writer. Author of “Universal Zionism” and “The New Maccabees”. He’s the founder of Jerusalem Summit – a think-tank dedicated to uniting the free world around Jerusalem and developing a joint strategy against the twin dangers: “Man without God” of Post-Liberalism and “God without man” of totalitarian states’ Statism and Islamism.

Op-Ed: Thank Saul, Support David, Pave the Way for Solomon

There is a new effort in Israel to create practical policies for the advancement of the Religious Zionism. To formulate this new perspective—new horizons of Religious Zionisms - is an urgent and vital task.

Op-Ed: Israel, the Leader of Muslim Zionism

Muslim Zionism as a core faith element of Islam is not less fantastic than a super-powerful Christian Zionism was just 50 years ago.

Op-Ed: Divide and Conquer: Making Russia the US Allies

This war in Ukraine is a consequence of a civil war raging in the West. Russia can be turned into an ally of the United States in the foreseeable future, and it's well worth the effort.

Op-Ed: Joe Brezhnev

The Russians laughed at Leonid Brezhnev, as he tried to lead the Soviet Union through his declining mental capacity. Today America laughs at the blunders and fiasco of sleepy Joe and at the same time feels a justified anxiety. What does this mean for America?

Op-Ed: How Israel Markets Itself

Israel has adopted a three pronged marketing message: tourism, hi-tech, gay rights, but this strategy does not work – neither practically or spiritually. Here's a better idea.

Op-Ed: Israel: Not Refuge but Restoration

Israel is not about refuge. Israel is about restoration of justice and fulfillment of Biblical prophecies. Israel is the greatest restoration story ever told.

Op Ed: Fighting Russia Til the Last Ukrainian

Putin is a monster, putting Russian imperial interests above the cost of human lives. American politicians should be the opposite! They should put American values, Biblical values, where the highest value is a human life.

Op-Ed: Bad Guys in Green, Red and Blue Hats: Existential...

Making a satire about the cancel culture, or Russia, or China has become a dangerous business where the creator become his own victim. There are no honest filmmakers anymore.

Op-Ed: Putin Repeats Stalin’s Blunders

Putin is not an obsessed ideologue bent on turning the world communist. But his paranoid secretiveness, even from his own spies, has lead Russia into disaster.

Op-Ed: Putin’s Choices Are Poor

Russia's war against Ukraine will be a painful lesson. Accustomed to easy remote victories, they have already forgotten about their losses Afghanistan and Chechnya.