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Examples of HuffPost whitewashing Islamist terrorism and crime




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Ignoring Islamist rape jihad — then depicting German efforts to screen Muslims who fit the perpetrator profile as racist, Islamophobic



January 1, 2017: After completely ignoring the wave of rapes, gang-rapes and child molestations perpetrated in Germany by North African and Moroccan refugees, HuffPost rewrote a Reuters headline to give front-page sympathy to Cologne’s efforts to screen men from these regions on New Year’s Eve

On January 1, 2017, HuffPost featured this news story on its front page:

Cologne Police Screen Hundreds Of Mostly North African Men On New Year’s Eve

This is the storypage to which that headline leads; note that it is a wire story by Reuters:

Note the opening copy that HuffPost obtained from Reuters:

German police said on Sunday they had prevented a repeat of the assaults and robberies suffered by hundreds of women in Cologne a year ago by screening 650 mostly North African men on New Year’s Eve.

A search of that copy leads us to the original Reuters article; note the different headline:

The relevance of this is that HuffPost publishes no stories on its front page about the “rape jihad” that has been occurring in W. Europe for years, and in Germany in particularly over the past two years — perpetrated in large part by males of North African (including Moroccan) and Middle Eastern descent.

To the contrary, a January 1, 2017 search of the string “migrant rape Germany” at HuffPost produced several dozen returns, such as the following — but not a single expose’ that focuses on the phenomenon, the motivations, or the victims’ stories:

The Manufacture Of Hatred: Scapegoating Refugees In Central Europe

On The Front Line Of The Migrant Crisis, This Doctor Has Saved Countless Lives

Germany Makes Refugee Shelters Safer For Women – But Problems Remain

The one and only article HuffPost published about the phenomenon of Islamist gang-rapes and the broader “rape jihad” against Western women and girls, was an outright denial that it even occurs, while attacking those who claim it does:

No, Sexism Isn’t an Arab ‘Cultural Practice,’ by Alex Shams, The Huffington post, January 21, 2016.

The opening copy:

In recent days, a new term has suddenly appeared in the media to describe a supposedly Arab cultural practice: “taharrush gamea.” The term, which is misspelled (the second word should read gama’ei), just means “group harassment” in Arabic, but right-wing commentators are trying their hardest to convince you that it actually means “sexual assault by a bunch of Arab men” or “gang-rape game” and that it’s a normal thing in the Arab World.

They’re wrong, of course, on all fronts. But the invention of the term and the sudden currency it has gained in the mainstream Western media tells a darker tale of how xenophobic right-wing groups in Europe have cynically used reports of sexual violence against women to further a deeply racist, anti-refugee agenda.