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Ken’s Thought of the Week: Boris Johnson’s landslide victory is great news for U.K. and Western civilization



By Ken Abramowitz, President & Founder, SaveTheWest

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As a result of the December 12 election in the U.K., Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party he leads walked away with 56% of the Parliamentary seats versus 31% for the Labour Party.

Brexit was the key issue, and the people obviously made the decision to bet on Johnson to lead the country through the difficult challenge of negotiating with the E.U., with the obvious chance of a hard break if negotiations were to fail.

Johnson pledged to “Get Brexit done,” and that’s one of the main reasons why so many in the U.K. voted for him, and his Conservative Party. The population is willing to accept short-term pain in order to benefit from the long-term gain. Through their votes, they also affirmed that the U.K. is a proud, sovereign country that should govern itself democratically, with minimal interference from the unelected bureaucracy of the unwieldy E.U. superstructure.

For those who are not familiar with the specifics of the E.U., and the U.K.’s desire to exit its affiliation with this quasi-democratic autocracy/bureaucracy, which rules over 450 million people in 27 countries, this brief video explains the nature of Brexit and why it’s become so controversial:

For some of the deeper, lesser-discussed reasons behind the U.K’s desire to exit the E.U., see my earlier analysis:

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The U.K. Is now positioned to stand on its own two feet, govern itself, and negotiate from a position of strength. Hopefully, the U.K. will maintain and expand on its prosperous trade relations with its existing partners, but without the governmental dictates imposed by the E.U.’s headquarters, in Brussels, Belgium.

In their own way, the U.K. electorate also sent the message that it:

  • Expects and demands economic growth throughout the country
  • Wants to maintain its own rich culture
  • Expects the government to physically protect the people from all enemies, both domestic and foreign

In this regard, the British and American populations are converging in their mindset on these three key issues that determine the success of societies.

Here is Johnson addressing some of these issues, soon after his landslide election victory:


Conversely, the electorate decisively turned away from the false narrative of the disgraced Labour Party, by rejecting:

  • Government-imposed economic attacks on successful citizens
  • Racist and anti-Semitic attacks on its culture
  • Governmental disregard for the physical well-being of the citizens

Hopefully, this clear message will resonate throughout Europe, the U.S., and the entire Western world of democracies.

The 50% of the world’s population who lives in dictatorships are also watching and listening carefully. Hopefully, their governments will be forced to listen, also.

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President Trump

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