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How the ADL feeds, rather than combats, the “ICE agents are Nazis” false, incendiary narrative


By Jon Sutz, Editor, SaveTheWest.com

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has come under withering criticism in recent years, based on substantive evidence, for either failing to respond to anti-Semitic hatred, or doing so in tepid, PC ways, that actually feed and strengthen those who hate Jews and Israel.  Examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Since mid-June, however, a new opportunity arose for the ADL to advance its stated mission, which is to:

A new narrative emerged from the radical left in America that Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs & Border Patrol (CBP) agents are like “Nazis” or “Gestapo” agents, for executing their jobs.  What are their jobs?  To prevent illegal aliens, criminals and terrorists from breaking into America, and if they do penetrate our borders, to humanely locate, interdict and deport them.

The overwhelming majority of America’s ICE and CBP agents do their jobs with great courage, integrity and gentility, even in the face of dramatically escalating threats from violent Mexican drug cartels, and other criminal aliens.  The situation has gotten so bad that CBP has had to outfit its agents with body armor and helmets, and its vehicles with shielding typically only seen in war zones.

Yet the ADL has not responded to any of these instances of vilifying America’s law and border enforcement officers, or the outrage of accusing them of perpetrating Nazi-like horrors,  thus dishonoring the six million Jews who were murdered in that inferno of hatred.

Instead, the ADL actually fed into and legitimized the inferno of hatred being directed at our ICE and CBP officers, through this headline, June 26, 2018 — which was captioned, “The policy implemented by the Trump administration undermines our country’s history and values as being welcoming to refugees and immigrants fleeing dangerous conditions”:

Clicking on that headline brought the reader to this page:

End zero-tolerance policy at the border, June 18, 2018.  The entire press release:

In May, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security would partner on an expanded “zero tolerance” policy for migrant families seeking to cross the U.S. border. Sessions vowed to prosecute anyone detained at the border, rendering children unaccompanied minors. To date, 2,300 children have been separated from their parents and held in cages within massive warehouses, families are suffering in “detention centers,” and the policy has sent a flood of deportation cases into federal courts. This cruel, draconian policy insults our legacy as a nation of immigrants, punishes parents seeking safety for their children, and recalls some of the worst human rights violations in our nation’s — and the world’s — history. Instead of learning the lessons of the past, our leaders are intentionally and regrettably repeating its cruelest moments. We are calling on Attorney General Sessions and Secretary Nielsen to immediately end this mean-spirited, un-American policy.

So was this picture taken recently, as an indication of how President Trump has turned America’s ICE and CBP agents into “Nazis” or “Gestapo agents”?

No.  The ADL carefully searched out and selected this particular photo to propel that particular narrative — even though it knew, or should have known, that this picture was taken on July 24, 2014 — and was featured in a CNBC article that described

These migrants will be sent home: Obama, by Reuters (via CNBC), July 25, 2014. Excerpt:

President Barack Obama told Central American leaders on Friday that his administration had compassion for the influx of children crossing the U.S. border but said those without valid claims to stay would be sent home.

And the caption of this photo, of

“Salvadorian immigrant Stefany Marjorie, 8, watches as a U.S. Border Patrol agent records family information on July 24, 2014 in Mission, Texas.”

Note that in this photo, she was only carrying one of the new dolls she was presumably given by an unnamed activist in Mission, TX; the other, the pink monkey, is held by a much older female, behind her.

The rest of the ADL’s front page on June 26, 2018 was filled with items that propelled forth this anti-Trump, pro-illegal alien theme, and others — but note that not one of them has any relevance to its stated mission: to combat anti-Semitism:

Further, note that while the ADL featured one story about hate groups, the picture it chose to accompany it is of white males:

Clicking on that headline brought the reader to this page:

How Hate Groups Form

Note, however, that a search for the term “Muslim” shows that the ADL’s report contains not a single use of the word:

This is of high significance, because while white nationalists and white neo-Nazis certainly pose a threat to Jews in America and beyond, the are actually among the least-likely hate group categories to actually perpetrate attacks on Jews. To the contrary, it is radical Islamsits, and radical leftists, who pose the predominant threat to Jews in Western nations:

In W. Europe:

Non-Shocker: Most Anti-Semitism Coming From Leftists/Muslims, by Robert Kraychik, The Daily Wire, June 29, 2017. Excerpt:

Most anti-Semitic incidents — threats, vandalism, assaults, and murders — in Western Europe are coming from leftists and Muslims, according to June-published research paper from Norway’s University of Oslo. Full report here