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Transition? Yes! But Transition to What? – Ken’s Thought of the Week



Threat Analyst Ken Abramowitz is author of “The Multifront War

Editor: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, President, American Center for Democracy (ACD)

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The Biden campaign has urged the Trump Administration to accelerate the transition process. The Biden campaign claims his election is a fait accompli and the transition should start now.

To a certain extent, President Trump agreed, saying “In the best interest of our Country, I am recommending that Emily [Murphy, General Services Administrator] and her team do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols, and have told my team to do the same.” It should be noted, though, that Trump has not conceded.

So what precisely should the Trump administration do?

1) It should not begin any substantive transition discussions until the Electoral College has actually determined the winner on December 14, 2020. And if serious discussions have begun, due to a GSA decision, they should be stopped immediately.

2) The Trump Administration still has nearly three weeks to clearly demonstrate massive voter fraud to state courts and ultimately the Supreme Court. It has to show the evidence of the inherent unreliability of the Dominion systems and Smartmatic software. It has to show that signatures were not properly checked, that Republican observers were denied access, and that election laws were not uniformly or fairly applied. It should also encourage Republican states to sue the Democrat swing states for infringing on the Constitutional rights of their citizens to have fair elections. It should also encourage the state legislatures in the key swing states, where there is a Republican majority, to select Republican electors for the Electoral College process.

3) The number one priority of the Trump Administration is to prepare for its own transition to a second term. It must bring in new blood to run the CIA, DHS, and FBI, which performed poorly in protecting the electoral system during the 2020 elections. President Trump should designate Vice President Mike Pence as his Chief Operating Officer, as is common in major corporations. He must also hire a Domestic Security Advisor to work alongside the National Security Advisor.

4) The Trump Administration should fix the unresolved/unattended issues from the first Trump Administration. This process has already begun. On November 25, President Trump pardoned General Michael Flynn. First, the President should encourage General Flynn to sue the DOJ and the FBI for intentionally framing him, for at least $75 million, as Carter page just did. And second, the President should appoint General Flynn – this week – to his administration as the new Director of the CIA.

A new Director of the FBI should immediately appoint a Special Counsel to examine the Hillary Clinton email scandal, the Clinton Foundation pay-to-play scandal, the Obama/Biden illegal monitoring of the Trump campaign, any potential bribes to US politicians from Iran because of the JCPOA deal, the Hunter Biden kickbacks and potential tax fraud, and, finally, seek indictments for some of the 40-80 culprits involved in the four years of fomenting an illegal coup against the President.

5) The Trump Administration Transition Team for his second term should devise a 4-year plan. However, President Trump should use the remaining seven weeks of his first administration to implement as much of the 4-year plan as possible. Here are some recommendations:

a) For electoral reform, President Trump should issue an executive order banning the use of any voting machine and software that uses foreign components or is owned by foreign shareholders or by major political leaders. All such machines should be prohibited from use now to ensure the integrity of the January 5 run-off election in Georgia.

b) For education reform, it should ban the use of any textbooks produced by non-American publishers in government subsidized K-12 schools. It should also ban all foreign financing for any higher education programs. He should ask the Treasury Department to revoke the tax exempt status of the top 25 universities until they can prove that they are educational institutions, and not political organizations that are dedicated to brainwashing their students with anti-American, socialist false narratives.

c) The FCC should change Section 230 of the Communications Act and treat social media companies as publications, thus holding them responsible for libel. It should also order all media, directly or indirectly, that are affiliated with the Democrat Party to display prominent warning labels that they are political organizations.

For domestic security, the President should designate Antifa, BLM, and the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates as foreign terror organizations.

The Treasury Department should revoke the tax exempt status for any not-for-profit organization or charitable foundation that operates as a political activist. Good examples are Soros’ Open Society foundations, and the Ford and Rockefeller foundations, among others.

d) On foreign policy, the Trump Administration should encourage another ten Arab and other Sunni Muslim countries to recognize Israel. It should further step-up sanctions on Iran until it dismantles its nuclear weapons infrastructure, stops the development of ballistic missiles, and destroys its arsenal. Iran should also be forced to recall or end its worldwide terror organizations (physical, political, and narco terrorism). The President should also step up the delivery of advanced weaponry to Israel and Taiwan, among others.

e) The State Department should be ordered to add to its annual report on the safety and status of Christians worldwide, to also include anti-Christian activities within the U.S.

6) To protect U.S. national security, the Trump Administration should ignore the Biden transition team and refrain from providing any information until the Electoral College makes its decision on December 14, which is when the winner of the Presidential election will be declared President-elect.

7) If there is a transition plan to a Biden Administration, the Trump Administration should treat the new administration with the same ‘respect’ that Obama and Biden treated the new Trump Administration in 2016.

Overall, we expect lots of turmoil in the coming weeks until this confusing transition is resolved. In the meantime, we at Save the West want to wish all of our readers a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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