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Threat Analyst Ken Abramowitz is author of “The Multifront War

Editor: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, President, American Center for Democracy (ACD)

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Foreign and Domestic Interference in 2020 Election – Ken’s Thought for the Week
Millions of Americans are debating the extensive foreign and domestic interference and fraud – often visible to the naked eye – that corrupted and compromised the November 3 national election. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliff’s report on this subject is being held up by a dispute among intelligence officials. But that hasn’t kept critical information from coming out. Save The West has identified six major categories of direct and indirect election interference:

1) China – The Chinese released the Wuhan virus to the world in January 2020. The pandemic and China’s influence encouraged the World Health Organization (WHO) to create global panic. This resulted in the destabilized the voting patterns in democracies like America. China is closely linked to the ownership and management of the voting machines used in most states. The Dominion hardware and Smartmatic software appears to have enhanced VP Biden votes by 2-3%, a critical number of votes in the swing states. The Chinese allegedly bribed, blackmailed, or severely influenced numerous elected officials to ignore obvious voter fraud. China has historically maintained a close relationship with the leaders of BLM, influencing their strategies regarding the use of Maoist cultural intimidation and physical terror.

2)  Russia – Both Democrat candidates, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris benefited directly and/or indirectly from Russian funding and intellectual influence early in their careers. Both Russia and China have influenced the radical Marxist/Maoist/pro-Palestinian terrorists BLM and Antifa, and have been funding the violent demonstrations and rioting throughout the US. These groups, advanced by Russian disinformation, which was widely circulated by the mainstream media and social media, succeeded in intimidating the Democrat political establishment, and “shaming” big and small corporations into embracing and contributing millions of dollars to further these radicals and their disrupting racist and anti-American activities. Moreover, they have succeeded in infiltrating anti-American, socialist, communist, sexist, and racist ideologies into our K-12 schools and academic institutions.

3) Qatar and Turkey – Both countries have been financing the Muslim Brotherhood worldwide. Qatar’s decades’ long infusion of hundreds of millions of dollars of donations to American universities, think-tanks, and NGOs, have turned these institutions into pro-Islamist hubs; spewing pro-sharia, un-American false narratives; and indoctrinating students and the public to accept authoritarian ideology and intolerance. This ideology undermine the principles of the Constitution, and teaches instead the un-Constituional mindset that leads them to vote for the Democrats’ authoritarian and socialist candidates and programs.

4) Iran –  A month before the election, Democrat votes were warned that Iran was targeting voters by email, using stolen voter registration information. The purpose was to communicate false information to registered voters in order to create confusion and undermine the democratic process. Iranian agents were reported to have sent threatening emails to Democrat voters in two states – Alaska and Florida. They pretended to be members of the Proud Boys group and  threatened voters, saying that if they didn’t change their vote to Trump, “we will come after you.”

4)  American global corporations that are financially ‘in bed’ with China have turned into witting or unwitting agents of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They have contributed huge sums of money to the Democrat party and their candidates. The mainstream media, social media, and the film and entertainment companies purposely and illegally stifled the First Amendment rights of Republicans and Conservative Americans to free expression, censored their speech, and suppressed their presence on the Internet. These companies thereby limited the Republicans’ ability to communicate with the voting public, while supressing information that could be damaging to the Democrats.

5) Deep State – Anti-American Democrat operatives in the government bureaucracy, especially in the DOJ and FBI, participated in the four-year illegal Democrat attempt to delegitimize and overthrow President Trump. Deep State, pro-Democrat actors in the DHS and CIA knew that the Dominion machines were easily corruptible and did nothing to stop their purchases by the individual States.

These are the foreign and local actors and ideologies that skewed the election results in favor of Vice President Biden. Incredibly, as powerful as these malignant actors were, President Trump still would have won the election in a landslide, if the electoral votes and popular votes had been properly counted. Presidential Advisor Peter Navarro recently published the “Immaculate Deception” report, delineating about two million stolen and fraudulent votes in the five key swing states, more than enough to flip all those states to President Trump.

Analyst Seth Keshel reported that Trump won eighteen out of nineteen bellwether counties and four bellwether states. These victories are highly predictive of a winning presidential candidate. On a nationwide basis, Trump picked up another ten million votes over his four-year term due to numerous bold, ‘American-First’ actions, but Biden reportedly gained twelve million votes over Obama, though he rarely left his basement, had no coherent program, and very few supporters showed up for his very few rallies.

More than 74 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump feel cheated by the “officially” reported results of this faulty election. Foreign countries are now questioning the stability and status of America’s electoral system. All are wondering, who will become the President on January 20? Will it be the American patriot Trump who won the election or the globalist anti-American Biden who lost (but then stole) the election? The earthquake is only weeks away, but the reverberations will be felt for generations.

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