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Democracy In Peril: Ken’s Thought of the Week



By Ken Abramowitz and Jon Sutz

Ken Abramowitz is the President and Founder of SaveTheWest.
Jon Sutz is SaveTheWest’s consulting editor and videographer.

See the sources for this article and more research in the Additional Reading section.

Democracies appear to be struggling with dysfunction throughout the Western world, making it difficult for them to protect themselves from the dictatorships, which rule over the other 50% of the global population.

What is causing this seemingly excessive turmoil in the U.S.?

(1) The gap between right and left has grown considerably in the past 25-50 years. This 60-second animation illustrates how severe this divide has gotten in Congress:

(2) The far-left socialist/communist/progressive wing of the Democrat Party has grown from a small minority of the Democrat party, to a decisive majority as of 2019. Consider: The percentage of Democrats who view socialism favorably grew from 25% in 1942, to 53% in 2010, to 57% in 2018, to 64% in 2019. (Source: This special report by SaveTheWest editor Jon Sutz, see “Additional Data.”)

(3) The mainstream media has forsaken its journalistic standards, and has now become a direct advocate of Democrat candidates. For example, numerous studies have shown that more than 90% of political donations by journalists go to Democrats. Further, only 7% of journalists identify as Republican, approximately 1/6th of the 40% of American adults who identify as Republican or conservative.

Amid the coronavirus crisis, major actors within the mainstream “news” media have escalated their willingness to spread incendiary lies, apparently in an effort to boost support for Democrats. Specifically, numerous outlets have falsely claimed (a) that President Trump called the coronavirus crisis a “hoax” — and (b) that he “muzzled” Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases:

Media Hoaxes: No, Trump Did Not Call Coronavirus a Hoax, and No, Fauci Was Not “Muzzled”

‘You’re proving him correct’! Dana Milbank’s claim that Trump called the coronavirus a ‘hoax’ melts BS detectors (ROLL TAPE) – twitchy.com

On the international stage, one need look no further than how major “news” players helped President Obama in his efforts to construct an “echo chamber” of journalists, who blindly reported as “news” whatever the White House and its cherry-picked “experts” said, as fact — and depicted any Republicans who opposed his Iran “deal” as wanting to go to war with the Islamist nation. Below, for example, is a slide show excerpt from a SaveTheWest report that documented how HuffPost projected this lie throughout the world, which was had been conjured up by the Obama White House and its supporting left-wing journalists and activist groups:

(4) Hollywood, which has large foreign investments and which has been promoting left-wing ideology for decades, no longer champions the traditional American values, articulated in our Declaration of Independence, of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

(5) The “Deep State” has become an agent of the Democrat Party, and has infiltrated the leadership of the DOJ and FBI, to corruptly pursue alleged wrongdoing in an incoming Republican administration, based on false, manufactured charges and underhanded tactics. The documentation of this fraud is voluminous, ever-expanding. and reveals corruption far deeper than the public is aware of now.

(6) America’s public education system has been infiltrated by the Reds (socialists) and Greens (Islamists), promoting both leftist and pro-Islamist agendas, and changed the curriculum to facilitate this indoctrination (see SaveTheWest’s detailed assessment of this problem here). For example:

  • A recent study found that “the ratio of college professor donations to Democrats as opposed to Republicans was 95:1.”
  • Another study showed that overall, liberal professors outnumber conservatives by a ratio of 12-1; and that in history departments, the ratio is more than 33-1.
  • A 2018 internal study by Harvard revealed that “nearly 75 percent of faculty described themselves as either “very liberal” or “liberal,” while less than two percent said they were “conservative” or “very conservative.” Regarding his job performance in 2018, a full 96 percent of Harvard’s faculty opined that President Trump was doing a “very poor” or “poor” job.”

One particularly disturbing result of this jarring bias is that conservative students across America report being afraid to express their opinions, either in general, or in assignments, for fear of being ostracized, violently attacked, or receiving unfair grades. These fears are not without foundation:

Evidence That Conservative Students Really Do Self-Censor – The Atlantic

College Poll & Republican Students’ Grades; Students Hide Political Leanings – National Review

America’s traditional of political compromise has now been abandoned, in favor of a “winner-takes-all” model of behavior.

America is not the only democracy infected by such subversion. In Israel, the Likud-led (like the US Republican party) government is also fighting a coup by Israel’s version of the corrupt “Deep State,” that encompasses its judiciary, police and media. In contrast to America, however, Israel’s elementary educational system has not yet been taken over by the Red-Green alliance (discussed here), so the voting public is still capable of thinking rationally (not emotionally), and therefore able to vote logically.

Both America and Israel show the inherent challenges facing democracies worldwide.

If we expect to effectively protect ourselves from dictatorships, we have lots of work to do, to defend our precious democracies, the hallmark of Western civilization.

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