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Ken’s Thoughts Of The Week: Let’s Isolate Iran!



From left: Iran Supreme Leader Khamenei, President Rouhani, and a terrorist with Hamas, which Iran has funded since its inception.

By Ken Abramowitz, founder and president, SaveTheWest.com

During his speech to the U.N General Assembly last week, President Trump highlighted the necessity of isolating Iran from the family of nations until it stops financing terror worldwide, and ends its quest for nuclear weapons.

Previously, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo articulated a list of twelve changes that Iran must make, before the U.S. can resume normal relations with the Islamist totalitarian nation:

However, there should have been several additional demands on Iran — and the civilized world community:

(1) The U.N. should remove Iran from this world body, due to its calls for genocide against all Americans and Israelis, thereby violating the basic tenets of the U.N.

(2) The U.S. should insist that all of our declared allies break diplomatic relations with Iran.

(3) The U.S. should insist that Iran closes down its worldwide infrastructure of over 400,000 physical, narco, and cultural terrorists.

(4) As Iran is the world’s largest political Islamic terror organization, the U.S. should insist that all schools, mosques and media outlets that are financed by Iran and its proxies must be closed in the U.S. and among American allies.

(5) The Iranian invasion of Latin America must cease. All of its 125,000 agents and operatives in Venezuela and other southern satellite countries must be deported.

In net, during the next two years, the U.S. government must exert the maximum pressure to defeat Iran. Iran is exerting the maximum of pressure and energy to defeat the U.S. Only one of us will win — and it better be the U.S. and Western civilization!




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Jon Sutz was the Consulting Editor & Videographer of SaveTheWest.com from 2014 through August 2020. Jon is a liberty-oriented multimedia graphic designer, writer and creative consultant, based in Charlottesville, VA (jonsutz.com). Most recently, Jon authored his first book, about the dog that helped to save his life after 9/11, "Saved By Shayna: Life Lessons From A Miracle Dog," and is creating an activism campaign to help prevent dogs from suffering in hot cars: HeatKills.org.