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Ken’s Thought’s Of The Week: Fighting The Cultural Wars



By Ken Abramowitz, founder and president, SaveTheWest.com

Dr. Ford said this! Judge Kavanaugh said that! She said, he said! Innocent until proven guilty? Guilty until proven innocent? Is due process constitutional or unconstitutional? Will rationality or emotions prevail?

Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford (Photo: Variety)

Let’s step back a minute. We are all watching an internal cultural war in action. The most recent episode, involving the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, was not pleasant. In fact, it was just plain upsetting.

More unfortunately, we are fighting two cultural wars at the same time, against The Red-Green Alliance (also known as The Leftist-Islamist Convergence) — but most people are completely unaware of them, in large part because of mainstream news organizations’ reluctance to report on this issue.

The Reds are the socialists/progressives that make up the left wing of the Democratic party. They use tactics of lying and harassment at levels previously unimaginable in the U.S.

The Greens are the Islamists, who politicize the religion of Islam, for the purpose of spreading the most extreme, fundamentalist, repressive version of their faith throughout Western society, by any means necessary – through the ballot box, bullying, lawfare, and/or terrorism. They originate from, and are led by Iran’s mullahs, the Muslim Brotherhood, all of whom are financed by Turkey, Qatar and other Islamist nations.

May Day parade in Italy, during which communists and Muslims demonstrate together against capitalism and individual rights

The Reds and Greens have different goals and world outlooks. So why do they often work together? Because they are driven by the same lust for power — and a shared hatred of the individual rights, limited governmental powers and capitalism-based economic systems that are the hallmarks of Western nations. Most acutely, they both loathe the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Ultimately, they are both trying to undo the rule of law, so they can rule supreme. In the case of the reds, their legal framework is The Communist Manifesto. In the case of the greens, it is the most violently oppressive form of sharia.

In the recent Supreme Court battle, the rule of law won. Yay! But we must stop patting ourselves on the back. Our job is to make sure that the rule of law, based on our Constitution, always wins! Get ready for many more battles. Hopefully, the battles stay cultural – and not physical!

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