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PREVIEW: Administration Challenging China


Administration Challenging China as Largest Human Rights Violator – Ken’s Thought of the Week

Threat Analyst Ken Abramowitz is author of “The Multifront War

Editor: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, President, American Center for Democracy (ACD)

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Quote of the Week:

The Communist leadership of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), which deprives its 1.4 billion people of individual and civil rights, has long been considered the leading human rights violator in the world. It effectively turned Xinjiang, its western province, into a virtual prison for more than 10 million Uyghurs (a Muslim ethnic group who have lived in northwest China for hundreds of years). As many as 1200 “re-education camps” have been built for the internment and torture of nearly two million Uyghurs.
China has also forced its repressive dogma on Hong Kong’s eight million people by abrogating its 50-year treaty with the U.K. Biden’s reaction was to allow Hong Kong residence an 18 months stay in the U.S., and warning U.S. companies of the risks of doing business there. Since becoming U.S. President, Biden and his administration appear determined to propel the U.S. government into the role of one of the world’s leading human rights violators.
How did the Biden Administration manage to create this fiasco in just eleven months?
1) The Biden Administration’s rise to power was made possible by the Democrat Party’s decision to violate the civil rights of all of the 335 million American citizens. It orchestrated the 2020 election voter fraud on a scale never witnessed in America, particularly in six crucial swing states. Working illegally with major social media companies, it has been attacking the First Amendment’s Freedom of Speech, the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms, and the Tenth Amendment’s recognition of the primacy of state’s rights. Having succeeded in getting elected, the administration is now attempting to abrogate the Constitution by illegally trying to nationalize the electoral process in future elections.
2) The Biden administration has launched national vaccine mandates for the 30% of the population that has chosen not to vaccinate, by requesting companies with more than 100 employees to enforce vaccination, even though half of them may have natural immunity because they recovered from COVID-19.
Moreover, it has contributed funds for and collaborated with the Chinese Wuhan Institute of Virology lab’s gain-of-function, viral manipulation research which resulted in the creation of COVID-19 and the global pandemic that followed.
3) Through the Department of Education, the Biden administration is violating America’s child abuse laws for the 50 million K-12 students in the country by encouraging Marxist indoctrination in such programs as Critical Race Theory and gender transition narratives. Decades of the Democrats’ racist abortion policies led to the annual murder of at least 600,000 babies, at least 40% of whom were Black. It also allows transgender women to unethically compete in female sports.
4) Through restrictive policies on fossil fuels and massive Federal spending, it has unleashed inflation that has caused accelerating prices from 2% previously to 6.8% by the end of October 2021, in effect taxing all Americans and increasing the gap between rich and poor.
5) The Biden administration failed to protect Americans’ civil rights from domestic terror organizations, such as Antifa and BLM, or transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) such as MS-13 and Mexican cartels.
6) Internationally, every month since early 2021, the administration has been violating the human rights of at least 200,000 illegal migrants by encouraging them to cross our border without permission, all the while subjugating them to physical and sexual violence, financial extortion, health and psychological hazards along the way.
And since the Administration does not vet these people, or check them for COVID-19, or vaccinate them against it, these migrants have been jeopardizing the health of all Americans, as the admkinistration secretly transports them throughout the country.
By illegally keeping the Southern borders open, the Biden administration has accelerated the importation of deadly opioids, Chinese fentanyl, cocaine, and other drugs, leading to the death of close to 100,000 American youth annually.
7) Through its disastrous unilateral withdrawal from Afghanistan, deserted the human rights of 40 million Afghans, who trusted the U.S. to keep its promise to protect them, and thousands of Americans and U.S. visa holders, who are now being terrorized and murdered by the Taliban.
8) By destroying U.S. foreign policy credibility, the Biden administration is jeopardizing America’s national defense, as well as the defense of 748 million European allies, 126 million Japanese allies, 24 million Taiwanese allies, 43 million Ukraine allies, and 51 million South Korean allies.
By siding with the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters in Turkey and Qatar, the Biden Administration is endangering the political stability in the Middle East for 102 million Egyptian allies, 35 million Saudi allies, 10 million Gulf state allies, 9 million Israeli allies, and 10  million Jordanian allies.
By not confronting Al Qaeda/ISIS and their ilk in the Middle East and Africa, the Biden administration is abandoning some 15 million Christians to endure ceaseless, brutal attacks by Islamist terror organizations.
9) By ignoring its responsibility to protect the Western Hemisphere from foreign intervention through the Monroe Doctrine of 1823, the Biden administration tolerates the illegal Communist governments who violate the rights and steal the wealth of 28 million Venezuelan citizens, 11 million Cuban citizens, and 7 million Nicaraguan citizens, aided by the complicity of China, Russia, and Iran.
10) The Biden administration has recently confronted China about violating the human rights of the 10 million Uyghurs living in Xinjiang province, but has yet to confront China for violating the civil and human rights of all of its 1.4 billion citizens, thus making the U.S. an accomplice. Similarly, the administration has not confronted Iran for its human rights abuses against its 84 million citizens.
Adding up all these population segments, the Biden administration is directly or indirectly complicit in the civil and human rights violations of more than three billion people or about 43% of the world’s population. By destroying U.S. foreign policy credibility, our national defense is being compromised and billions of lives are being put at risk, which seems to already qualify the Biden Administration as one of the largest human rights violators in the world.
Incredibly, in only eleven months, the Biden Administration has succeeded in changing the United States from the greatest model of democracy and human rights protections into what is becoming one of the world’s biggest violators of human rights and freedoms. They have created a disaster for Americans and for the rest of the world.


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